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  1.  PC Beta


    I've only played the PC beta, some things may be different but not too sure. The reason I'm writing this review here is because my main gaming console is a PS3 and I've now pre-ordered it for the PS3 (it can't be much different)

    If you're a MW2 fan like myself, and still can't get into Black Ops and Killzone 2 - this is highly recommended.

    Black Ops' graphics and sound effects were absolutely atrocious, grenades sound like paper bombs and the hit detection rate is ridiculous. Killzone 2 is a good game but feels too sluggish for my liking, especially after playing MW2.

    So if you're going from MW2 to Crysis 2, you'll have no problems, the gameplay is smooth and fast paced, gun effects are pretty much identical to MW2, the grenades could be more effective and the hit detection rate is very slightly off but nothing major. Remember, this is beta.

    For those who are currently thinking "the whole armour thing is overpowered" you couldn't be more wrong, the power sets and classes are all balanced out nicely. You can't be invisible for long nor can you sprint forever. You have to play a little more tactically.

    I just recently got a 7 Killstreak, so I had the Orbital Strike and Ceph Gunship, the strike is a cross between a Predator Missile and an Airstrike (both MW2), the AoE is pretty good, too. I've had 2 Strikes and each one got me 4-5 kills (more than you'll ever get from an airstrike unless you're lucky) Unfortunately, the match ended as my Gunship got on the screen....

    Best of all - no camping! You can't camp for killstreaks, after a kill you have to collect the enemies Dog Tag, so technically, the Dog Tags are the killstreaks not the actual enemy.

    Only 2 game modes on the beta, Team Deathmatch and Crash Site (which is exactly like HQ from Call of Duty - but made much more fun with the Nano Suit or whatever it's called.

    Overall, awesome game, highly addictive MP to match MW2.

  2.  Quick question


    Do you need both the Navigation and Motion controller for this?

    For instance, in Gladiator, you'd need 1 for sword and 1 for shield?

    Thank you!! :)

  3.  Great game...


    This game is very impressive, although deceitful - one would think it would get boring far too quickly, but the variety of weapons you get to cause destruction is simply awesome.

    The only one downside to it is multiplayer, again, it is very good but the lack of people playing this game makes for longer periods of waiting when matchmaking.

    I also personally dislike the fact you have to search for a new game after every round.

  4.  Sounds good


    Hey, can anyone tell me if there's a monthly fee for this? And can i bounce/stream progs/movies from sky to this?


  5.  Must buy


    This game is truly amazing, I was first quite hesitant to get it due to someone I know, who was a beta tester said it was a disappointment, but still just had to see for myself.

    I've now come to the decision that it is brilliant, everything about it has improved vastly. Graphics aren't as good as Call of Duty 4, but that doesn't really matter to me, the gameplay makes up for everything it's lacking in.

    The single player campaign is good, the story will keep you hooked with an added eerie effect in some parts which the first one lacked.

    The controls are great in my opinion, if you're like me, someone who went from Resistance 1 to Call of Duty 4 then you have nothing to worry about when it comes to controls, it's a mix of both games in one, for example, in R1 the aim button was [R3] and [Triangle] was melee if I remember correctly.....now it's aim: [L1] melee: [R3] so don't worry about getting confused with the controls if you have just come from CoD4.

    I've just started playing the Co-op campaign, and my God is it good. I've not played any other Co-op like it, no lag at all, 8 players using teamwork (trust me, you'll have to) and a nice class based system to top it all off.

    Cannot comment on the multiplayer as I've yet to try it.

    Overall, I'd say it's a great game, why not rent it out for a few days and see for yourself?

  6.  Demo


    I'll be honest, I wasn't really a fan of the first Motorstorm, and was quite shocked after I tried the demo for this game after a friend convinced me it was going to be awesome....well, what can I say....he was right - truly a masterpiece. Amazing graphics and gameplay.

    The face paced racing is truly enjoyable and addictive, the demo itself had me hooked for a while - you've got to try the Monster Truck :D

    Anyway, I'd give it 5 stars but I found both the first Motorstorm and this demo rather difficult, it is far too easy to get smacked around by other racers and very hard to keep on the right track (hard to see some turns/corners)