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  1.  a quality tale


    Che part 1 has an excellent narrative and its portrayal of Che is fantastic, however there are moments that seemed not to be needed during the film as they add nothing to the overall narrative of the film. This however should not stop you from buying what is a very good movie.

  2.  Simply stunning


    this film produces more than an adreniline rush as you gain a beautifully shot insight into the indian cultures more controversial and shocking realities.
    The blunt nature of this film and the way that it is shot is why this is Kapur's best film as he present the heroism of phoolan devi's escape from the patriachle society and her rise to almost divine status among her followers.

  3.  Elephant squad


    Firstly an excellent game that uses the wii's motion sensor controllers excellently, second the interaction you can have with the game is brilliant and although the graphics are nothing to be desired and the game is the same as the arcade it has an addictive nature about it because of small added bonuses such as multiple weapons and dress make the game just that little more addictive with the prospect of saving the president in a panda suit who could say no.

  4.  It's a steal


    the movie is unbelievably clever and it took two goes to understand the genius of the narrative. Apart from excellent acting the audience is led one way and are then shocked and surprised with the smoothe and resolving end to the film. Finally the film produces are a rareity in american cinema from my opinion which is an in depth and thoughtfull movie providing the audience with loveable theives.



    the movie starts with excellent prospects with the 'gang' finding themselves up a creek with no paddle, but the schemes are too elaborate and often while watching the movie with variouse people we were left bored and confused as the movie dragged on with little clues to what was happening, even with the conclusion of the film everything just magically fits into place and there is no hints during the bulk of the film about what they are doing. In conclusion the film is trying to hard to be Ocean's 11 and not a movie by itself.

  6.  unbalenced


    Calm down before you buy this movie, although it provides excellent entertainment the film is unbalenced without Julia roberts and Catherine Zeta Jones from my opinion also unlike ocean's 11 the whole trick of the movie is too obviouse and farfetched this is the oppisite to the overcomplicated and sometimes dull tricks of oceans 12 which does save the movie in some respects but don't expect a masterpiece as it is jus another good movie.

  7.  A modern day classic


    The Bourne Ultimatum was one of the best films of 2007 (backed up by empire magazine) and the film produces an intellegent and adreline pumped narrative. By a country mile the film has some of the best stunts and chase scenes in recent action films and do not fall into the overtop explosion mad action movies of the nineties. the performance of the actors creates a realistic effect to the film and giving it a natural feel to the movie while allowing the audience to understand what is happening clearly through some excellent acting. Overall this movie should be bought as it intergrates a truly great narrative and A-Grade action sequences something that very few films have achieved from my opinion.

  8.  if i could of i would give it more stars.


    it is one of my favourite films ever, it is truly sublime personally i cannot find fault with the film, Morgan Freeman's performance is one of the best film performances i have seen, the music issombre but the timing is perfect and plays with th narrative of the film perfectly balanced.

    PLEASE, PLEASE buy this film it is a true classic.

  9.  "My diaper has gone to the dark side"


    quite simply its combining the greatest film series ever and family guy. the odds for it being good were high and i would recomend this to anyone.

  10.  BUY THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    its possibly one of the most amazing movies i have ever watched it is almost flawless at the same time as being individual, this film is truly a classic.