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  1.  im on everything


    haha classick, eminem is the only one i bother to buy the proper album and this one is not really like it others, it is like he as stepped his game up again some proper quality tracks, no one can touch eminem (followed by cube)not by miles not past or present he really as murdered the alphabet but still keeps putting tracks together like he invented the english language, he can go from the funniest to the most hardest hitting with his lines, pure genius,

  2.  loads better


    not sure what game the people who are saying bad have brought, but multiplayer is quality, not really played single player but the bit i have as been good, better than black ops easy, the campers have started already but ya get the idiots where ever you go,
    good game

  3.  harley quin haha mmmmmm


    wicked game, batman is a bit of a dip sometimes though, the woman haha now this is how females should be there all quality, mental but thats good, my ideal girl ever would have to be harley quin ctazy lil chick, but yes loads of fun,

  4.  shxt hot


    pure quality game single player and on line are amazing, cant fault it at all, well worth buying,

  5.  very poor


    ok yes its an ok racing game looks all pretty and that 2 YEARS ago then i would say it was a great game, and i think the most of the reviews on here are just from people peed at buying it them selfs, you better of saving ur money or get blur loads more fun, i think this is a really poor effort and why in the hell we had to wait so long for a game that would of been ok two years agl very disappointed and really dont waste ur money, and yes the loading times are long and for nothing special

  6. Blur



    2 New from  £24.80  Free delivery

     iykuylkuib what the hell


    this game is wicked off line and then on line its crazy how iykuylkuib can say its boring its crazy, its fun, its fast, it winds u up something rotten but still a wicked game, all games need one click to shut all them idiots who use the wireless headsets but that goes for all games, but the game is well worth it, play alone, on line or with your mates i think its quality

  7.  is he nutss no hes damn talented


    quality album some right funny songs and after rehab which i thought was poor its nice to see him bsck on top form.

  8.  stoners delight


    Two if the best stoner films ever, but even if not a stoner there funny as hell, half baked nearlys kills me every time, how high just as funny but also shows ya just how nice weed is, how chilled people are on it, how good times you can have, people who says weed makes them bad please most will find there bad when not on it when on to chilled n giggling or if worse comes to god damn fat from munching out, anyway back to the films pure quality

  9.  wen games used to be fun


    Pure quality, simole but good, quality value, bad points keeps making me late

  10.  quality game


    first beentheredonethat wants to check your settings as you can turn the briefings up, i found it loads of fun and enjoyable to, and can play it over and over again, yes its not perfect but then loads better than most,