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  1.  Better than I thought


    A major improvement on 'Star Ocean - Till the end of time'. I didn't really want to get this game as I was so disappointed with the last one, but as I needed something to fill my RPG thirst and as this game had come down to a bargain price, I risked it. And, i'm sure glad i did, the game itself is very good and addictive and at the current price, not to be missed. Well worth the purchase.

  2.  Awesome game which is let down by a clock


    This game would have been great in my opinion (what is better than destroying zombies?) but it has been let down by a clock timer which puts a time limit on your activities.

  3.  Genius - Pure Genius


    This is an absolutely fantastic game. The story is fantastic and will keep you enthralled. The customisation is brilliant and the re-play factor is huge. May not be suitable for the younger kids, but, otherwise this is a must-have title for your collection.

  4.  Pure class (but will take approx 20 hours to get into)


    This game is outstanding. The sheer level of detail and customisation involved will bewilder you at the start and it will take you nearly 20 hours of play before you start to understand.
    In terms of gameplay, it is like Oblivion, where you can just do the main quest or try and do a lot of the side-quest (which can be significant as well). Although, it is unlike Oblivion, as you have guns (lots of guns) and the VATS combat system is AWESOME.
    If you are expecting lots of cut scenes, you will be dissappointed. Initially, you will have to explore the wasteland and find new places, which can get boring, but once you start interacting, and have lots of quests that you can undertake (and once you can fast travel to a lot of places) the game really takes off.
    With the added content, this is a massive game, and very addicitive. If you stick with it, you will not be dissappointed.

  5.  Storyline left lacking


    I loved RE 4 and played it to completion (ie every side-mission and on every difficulty). With RE5, I expected a lot more. Yes, the graphics are superb, but the story is not captivating, the gameplay is dull and the game is not scary at all. The weapons are confusing and the inventory management system is not brilliant. If you a Resident Evil fan (like me), then you'll have to play this game, but I'd wait till the price dropped as I'm sure there'll be quite a few people wishing to trade this game in. For a game that took as long as it did to develop, i'm very disappointed with the outcome.

  6.  Childish


    This game will probably appeal to you if you are a child or are childish. After having played Final Fantasy X and XII, I thought that this may be a similar offering.

    If you liked Star Ocean - Till The End Of Time, you'll probably like this too, otherwise I wouldn't bother.

  7.  Awesome


    Fantastic game. Only arrived last weekend, and it is so addictive. The new battle system is excellent, story and graphics are brilliant as is the voice acting. If you liked FFX, you will love this game.