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  1.  Great Game


    This is a great game - not sure why some people are bad mouthing it - probably a lot who havent even played it. Good graphics, good story, fun and addictive.

    If you like a good shoot em' up game you will like this.

  2.  Simply Stunning


    I was sceptical about getting this game because a) im not a huge sci-fi nut and b) there seemed to be a lot of watching cut scenes. However i got it and ...... WOW!!! - this game is simply awsome. Everything about it is brilliant - the story really sucks you in - you can tell that the creators really have a passion for this game as they have made everything about it spot on. - There are indeed many cut scences, however you respond and direct how these are played out and you find yourself choosing very carefully what you say as you are genuienly concerned about what the consequences of your decisions could be.

    The story is slightly cliched, but for it to work i think it has to be - sci-fi at its best i guess.

    A truly remarkable game - if you only get one game this year, make sure its Mass Effect, you are really missing something special if you dont.

  3.  Fun at first, but then....


    Im a pretty straight down the middle gamer - i enjoy sports games, RPG's and FPS.

    AC had been really hyped and probably is a victim of this, the team behind AC didnt ever say it was more than it actually is, but the feeling was it was going to be something out of the ordinary, and for a while at least whilst playing the game it felt like it was going to be the case - from the awsome graphics to the unique setting everything looked top notch. This remains the case for about 3 assassinations, and then it hits - hang on im doing EXACTLY the same thing over and over again, apart from being in a different city (which all look similiar) you repeat the same sequence of events - climb to get viewpoints, save citizens, go to assasins beurau, get target, pickpocket, sit on a bench and then kill - go and repeat 9 times.

    I could only hack this for 4 assassinations and realised that i couldn't face doing another 5 as the enjoyment had well and truly been taken away from me.

    A good game initially but the repetition really ruins the experience.

    I will leave you to draw your own conclusions on whether to purchase Assassins Creed - suffice to say im now playing Mass Effect.