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  1.  An Amazing Sitcom


    Not the best series, but still an amazing television show. I must admit, the first episode of the series does start the series off a little weak but gets stronger every episode. The episodes where mark lets another women live at his house for free in exchange for her being his girlfreidn and when jezz goes to christian rock concert stick out the most for me. I really sincerely hope they continue to make many more series of this sitcom, as its the best thing by far on t.v. My only issue with david mitchell and Mark webb try to perform other comedy sketches on diffrent t.v shows. It just isnt right, they ARE mark and Jezz no one else.

  2.  Dull


    Skins season2 was very dull compared to the first season. The characters arent the same as they used to be, the only one who has the same characteristics is chris. The storylines are unrealistic, and no where near as fun to watch as the first season. I stopped watching this show up to episode 8, gets very boring.

  3.  A decent attempt


    I am still debating whether to buy this game over Dark sector at the moment as i have only played a co-op demo of this soo far. The graphics were very good, some of the best ive seen on the 360. The combat system is quite good as well, was very fun to play. At the end of the day this seemed like a good multiplayer shooter, towards to end of the demo it did seem that this game would be a little bit repetitive if i carried of playing. But i am only writing down on what ive seen from the demo.

  4.  Decent film


    I did enjoy this film, it is not as bad as people have said about it. This film doesent start of slow at all it puts you bang in the middle of the whole story, will smith alone in new york. This film is fairly scary and made me jump quite alot. Fairly decent film, 3 stars is plausible i think and for 10 pounds, thats not bad at all.

  5.  A Decent Attempt


    A few classic indie gems are hidden away in this album such as the brilliant Mr Understanding and Come On Feet. But then there are also a few bores that you have to turn over as soon as they come on such as Humming. What pete and the pireates have tried to do is create something original and unique and they have done this rather well. Altough its not to evryones taste, i recommend you listen to a few of their songs on myspace first and if you like them then i recommend you buy this album.

  6.  Edge of your seat stuff!


    I got exited about this film waaay back last summer when they showed a sneaky trailer before the transformers film. The wait was well worth it. I was just on the edge of my seat with my mouth gawping the whole way through. Your heart jumps as if you were there in New York experiencing the attack, so the camcorder effect definitly works. This movie is quite scary as well. It just blew me away, i never new it was going to be as good as it was

  7.  Huh!??!?


    I thought this game was generally gonna be based on the storyline of a club. I was wrong. Its run,shoot and gain points. This game has no point to it at all. You will have got bored of this demo by the time it ends.

  8. Turok


    Xbox 360

    Available  used  from  £29.99

     Quite good


    Ignor the review below, this game is no where near as bad as this guy is making out to be. The graphics are very good as it is powered by the unreal engine. The characters remind you of the one's from gears of war, they create a gritty atmosphere. The first 5 minutes are rather boring walking around the cave killing raptors, but when you get out into the open, its great fun. Mainly because your killing people this time instead of dinosaurs. But its really clever the way that you can lure raptors into your enemies path so they kill the enmie and not you. And the stealth works really well too. Overall based on this demo this is a very intresting game, my only issue is the aiming, it doesent work that well, but you soon forget about it.

  9.  Good.


    Not as heavy as the first album, but there are a few classics hidden away here.

  10.  WOW


    Im really exited about this game thanks to all of your brilliant reviews. But how may i ask do i get the COD4 Beta??..You all seem to have played it,but i dont know how to get it. Thanks!