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  1.  Great, but could've been done better


    Huge amounts of fun, but be careful. It'll only really work decently on high-end PC's, otherwise it'll lag, which completely ruins the gaming experience.
    Very fun, challenging, etc etc. Not the most sophisticated game ever made, but definately done to a mirror shine, that is, until ported across to the PC.
    It's a fairly shoddy port and to be honest, the requirements for it should be much lower than they are because it's just not optimised very well for the PC.
    My advice: If you have a console, then buy it for that console. If you don't, then buy it for the PC but make sure your PC is powerful enough to run it without lag.

  2.  Space junk.


    Ok... my first impressions of this game were so bad I played 10 minutes of the tutorial and hit Alt-F4.
    The game intro video automatically put the word "Budget?" into my mind, as the narration sucked, the scenes look like they were painted/drawn in a GCSE art class, and there appeared to be futuristic space faring people wearing spartan helmets.
    The game is also turn based, which I really am not a great fan of. It completely takes the challenge out of it because turn based games are for 'people who don't have the brain power to think fast enough'.

    I'm sorry? Was this a new release? The graphics... don't exist? I'm sorry, but you'd expect these graphics in a state of the art pre-millenium game. There was absolutely no voicing in the tutorial, compared to every other game I've played which DOES.
    It seemed to be that the in game text uses standard Windows fonts. Excuse me? Windows fonts? "Yay let's use Arial and stick shadow effects behind it to make it look less budgety!"
    No! You fail!
    A long long time ago, I had 'Homeworld; Cataclysm', and I havent played a space strategy since then. I wanted to try a new one to try and relive those delightful days, but this game just killed my inner child. Tbh I would much rather go back to playing my ancient Homeworld game.

    You know, fair enough, the developers of this game are evidently new to the games developing scene and that they don't have much financial backing, but seriously FFS, this really shouldnt be here. It deserves to be as one of those internet downloads as shareware and then you can buy yourself the full version for £5 if you liked it that much. Really though, RRP £29.99? Thats far too optimistic. I wouldn't pay £5 for it. If it's gonna be retailed...then it belongs in the bargain bin of the shop. Shelf space isnt worth it.

    Ok, I apologise for my VERY harsh words, but at 1am, one can hardly be so kind. The box cover IS nice though..

    Please excuse me if you find this game isn't so bad after some time, but I found it so unbearably awful and dull that I closed it after 10 minutes of playing. I might try again tomorrow and see if the daylight brings any justice to the game.

  3.  Must buy


    If you have anything less than 2Gb of RAM in your laptop, you simply MUST buy two of these and upgrade. This is the cheapest RAM I've ever seen, and it's just astounding. I recieved mine in the post today, and after replacing my current 1Gb in my HP Pavillion zd8333ea, there was a huge difference in performance, even in an already well-performing laptop. Music plays instantaneously at the click, programs and games start up much faster, and now I can minimise and restore games with hardly any lag.
    That said, of course there is much better RAM out there, but for much more monies£££. You can get the seriously high quality, hardcore gamer RAM used with overclocked rigs, but be prepared to pay much more for that.
    This however, at the near-bottom of the Kingston lineup, is just remarkable. Even if you're not thinking of upgrading, £26 will get you two of these, and will really get you back on track with the ever-rising PC standards. If you already have 1Gb (2x 512mb) installed, don't just get ONE of these to replace your old RAM as it won't particularly make much difference. The specs for this RAM is fairly average as things go, so you really need to be buying two in order to make the most of an upgrade.

    One more quick note;
    Don't be put off by the product title, as it says "PC5300". This should really be PC2-5300 as it is DDR2.
    DDR1 = PC-xxxx,
    DDR2 = PC2-xxxx

    One absolutely final note;
    Do make sure you know what type of RAM your laptop takes before ordering, else if you buy an incompatible chip which is either too fast or too slow for your motherboard, you're going to look like a bit of a fool and then need to go through the hassle of returning the product and getting the correct one.
    Just a helpful hint to the novices out there :)

    Cheers Play.com!