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  1.  Wolfenstein fans rejoice!


    I feel I have to say this because people obviously don't get this game: This game is called "Wolfenstein" NOT "Call of duty: World at war: Paranormal nazi expansion 6". If you are not familiar with the wolfenstein series there is a strong possibility that you either wont get the story or you will simply dub it "Old-tech" COD rip-off like a lot of ill-informed people seem to be doing.

    The single player is nice and long. The story is pretty cheese filled but that's how it's supposed to be. The game play is generic shooter with aspects of RPG and exploration sewn on which work quite well. Being able to upgrade weapons in a variety of ways to suit how you use the weapon is very useful. Even more useful is the way you can sell upgrades you don't really use (albeit for a reduced price). Another nice aspect of the upgrades system is that the upgrades are actually useful, they don't just make the guns look prettier, they actually help you kill more Nazi's.

    I cannot comment on the multiplayer simply because I haven't bothered. This game being a "Games for window$ live" game I knew instinctively that ANY online features will be horrible and most likely wont work. Thankfully the single player isn't forced through the fine mesh of mistakes M$ have built up with GFWL like with Fallout3 and DOW2. So, you can actually play the single player without having to spend hours fixing the game every time the developer or M$ mess with something.

    If you have the spare cash, like WW2 shooters with a paranormal edge and need something good to play until COD6:MW2 comes out: BUY THIS GAME.

    If you think every game similar in even the slightest way to a popular title is a rip-off, go hoot and cheer on COD about how l33t you are.

  2.  Complete letdown


    Good idea

    Some parts well executed but most just clash together badly and don't quite fit

    All but the Space stage fly by and are gone by the time you are used to how things work

    Space is a complete waste of time and you have 3 choices.

    1. Make friends and spend your life defending from pirates and the other stuff (would spoil it to reveal)
    2. Don't make friends, become a mercenary of sorts and have the whole galaxy hate you
    3. Fight every one and everything

    There are litterally THOUSANDS of planets and atleast a hundred worm holes. Making the galaxy a safe place for you to explore at your leisure would litterally take weeks if not months of real time (seconds/minutes/hours) of playing simply to attain a single goal. Not an overstatement, litterally weeks/months and thats if you have a decent economy and a healthy supply of weapons, not to mention a decent amount of patience.

    RTS fans will find the game seriously lacking
    Sims fans will probably enjoy the game until the last 2/3 stages

    All i really have to say to put any of you in your right minds off this game is expansion packs. For the less informed of you, Will Wright (creator of sims and spore) loves to create endless expansion packs to the sims games and this game will be no different. To play the game through you will most likley have to buy some kind of "Warmonger expansion" or "Super enconomist expansion" with the double delux extra parts created specifically to add more depth to the game.

    Another Will Wright/EA cash-in.

  3.  Great game but be carefule


    The game itself is awesome. Very atmospheric, quite long for a next gen release, very immersive and just tonnes of fun. It's the first game i've bought for my PC and thouroughly enjoyed in quite a while. Crysis was too "wow look at me...i'm shiney", Hellgate london was a waste of time and a huge letdown, unreal 3 was another let down and the same goes for alot of games recently. There is masses of fun to be had with plasmids (Genetic upgrades which give you various powers) and using them in combination with weapons which can be upgraded just increases that fun (think Painkiller). Freezing a Splicer and then smashing it to peices with a wrench takes a while to get old then you do it with the more difficult and annoying splicers and a rush of satisfaction goes through you as you kill a particulary annoying splicer that just wouldn't die. The story isn't the most original and fantastic thing you'll ever play through but it is still packed with dark humour and is voice acted quite well. There is tonnes to explore in each level and lots of upgrades to find/buy from hacking boosters to health upgrades.

    Now, to the down side. Firstly, for this game to be worth buying for the PC you need to be able to play it on the full settings. I play it on an XP system specialy built for gamming and i have to stay at a resolution of 1024x768 and switch of "Force global illumination" to play it smoothly, i can't comment about running it on vista with full DX10 settings.

    My spec is:
    Intel core 2 Duo E6750 2.67ghz
    Nvidia 8800GT OC 512mb edition
    2gig OCZ Reaper 1066mhz ram

    If you want to check if you can run it and how well you can run it before you buy it just google "PC requirements lab", install the plugin and it will test your PC and give you a detailed analysis of your system and tell if you can run it on High/low and what is stopping you from running it on high/low if you can't.

    Secondly; If, in theory, you are lucky enough to be able to run this in all it's glory theres no garuntee you will actually be able to. There are a mass of flaws and bugs in the game even after a Patch/Update (v1.01) that will cause random crashes and the sound not to work. I personally have problems with the sound and did have an issue with the game crashing whilst it was saving at the end of loading the "Neptunes Bounty" level. I havn't managed to fix the sound but the loading bug was a problem with bioshock corrupting save's if you overwrite an old one. To fix it i made a new save just before i loaded the level, exited the game, loaded the save i had just created and then preceeded to the next level. Others are not so lucky, especially people running windows vista from what i have seen while trawling the net looking for bug fixes and answers. From the contact people have had with 2K games it looks like they have given up and are providing a shocking level of customer service.

    As already mentioned, this game has some security which can cause some problems. The security is called "SecureRom" which is anti-piracy software which is well known for causing various problems and conflicts with software AND hardware.

    If you are unsure about buying this game for the PC and you own an Xbox 360 i would suggest you go buy it for your 360.

  4.  For £18? Buy it.


    For a licensed game owned by the WB this game is shockingly good. I got it purely for a laugh, to see just how bad it was. I was so suprised that i've been sneaking quick races in at work. I would say that it's a cross between wipeout 2097 and mario kart. The Tracks are very big with a few different paths in places as well as some massive stunt jumps that let you pull upwards of 720% flips and twists.

    There are a few problems with occasional lagg and a few places that can be exploited to gain masses of points (which i don't think was intentional). Unlocking stuffs is abit of a grind and drifting is pretty hard to get the hang of meaning you'll spend alot of your first few races scraping across barriers on corners.

    It's £17.99 and it's far better than most of the games in that price bracket for the DS.

  5.  Best mouse i've ever owned


    I started getting in to gamming properly with BF2 and realised that the optical mouse i had just wasn't up to scratch. I decided that the razors were too small and quite expensive (at the time) but the logitech was quite big and had some nice features. Took a while to get used to the mouse as it is twice as big as any mouse i have ever owned and the max sensetivity is VERY sensetive (appologise for stupid comment). I regulary use 3D modelling applications such as 3Dmax and game ALOT, this mouse gives more control over both which is especially helpful with certain aspects of my 3D modelling.

    I would definately recommend this mouse and will definately be sticking with the G-series from now on.

  6.  Best mouse mat ever


    Never been a fan of mouse matts, but realised i needed one for my logitech G5 as i play on max sensetivity during general game play and the white desk surface i was using just didn't work. Im always dubious of products like this because of friends experiences with ice matts and other "gamming" mouse mats. But i bought it because it is quite big and not a bad price when compared to some of the other branded gamming matts. I was shock just how big it was when it arrived but i have to say, this is the best mouse matt i have ever owned and works perfectly with my G5. I would recommend this matt to any one playing with a decent laser mouse.

  7.  No thanks


    If you want to spend all your time drawing new characters and never playing the game AND can justifying spending actual currency on this game then, yeah, buy it now!

    If you were hoping the character creation wasn't just a nice system tacked on to and RPG maker-quality game then bad news....this game is slow and boring.

  8.  Good but only if you've not played the PC version


    If you played the PC version theres not much point buying this one unless you really liked it and want to play it through again but on the DS.

    # The port didn't do the game that much harm
    # Stylus works nicely with this game
    # Considering what it took to run the original the DS does very well when emulating it

    # Voice overs were cut
    # Clues from the team are useless
    # A lot of the clues can only be found by sheer luck

  9.  Another must buy on the DS


    This is by far one of my favourite Mario games of all time.

    # The worlds look beautiful and the levels/stages are very well designed
    # It's Mario
    # Very nice looking graphics
    # Still has an awesome sound track
    # Loads of secret area's to unlock

    # TOO short
    # Can be frustratingly difficult at times
    # Multiplayer is a bit of a let down

  10.  Buy it


    If you like Zelda games - BUY THIS GAME!

    # Very original and challenging
    # Very nice use of the DS controls (although the movement can be awkward at times)
    # The graphics are gorgeous - I honestly didn't think that the DS was capable of running this level of quality before i bought one. But it can and it does it very smoothly
    #Lots to explorer and loads of stuff to collect/buy

    #Sailing is tedious and being attacked every 5 seconds whilst enduring the tedium of sailing adds to this tedium
    #Main dungeon is simply a chore - Yes it is challenging but it is plainly and simply a big fat chore.