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  1.  Bad


    This game is the worst DS game yet. I wasn't expecting it to be all that great but I'd heard they were writing some material in to the game which pokes fun at video games and the ever increasing lack of originality.

    As with the TV shows, everything's is so sarcastically and lazily done that it's just not funny what so ever, "video game cliché No. 12 - find key, open door......and some ones getting paid for this stuff? pfft" that about sums that up. I would have liked something a bit more "intellectual" than "ooh look, were going to make the player do something boring through an entire level but justify it by having one of the characters point out how un-original it is". No thanks.

    If you're a die hard Simpson's fan - Buy it

    If you're looking for something good - Steer clear

  2.  Looks nice....shame it's still farcry though


    Bought the game purely to test my new PC knowing i wasn't going to be all that special. I was right...my PC has no problems running it and will run it on DX10 when i get around to implementing the emulation thing.

    It looks fantastic, unfortunately it's short as hell (took me around 6/7 hours first time) and is basically far cry with a power suit.

    There arn't enough enemies, only a few weapons of which only 1 is realy that useful and theres the pointlessly hard to kill aliens who only seem to be there to annoy you. The story is laughable and the decision to split this game in to 3 parts (yes, there will be a 2 and 3) is just because EA/Crytek want more money.

    I can't comment on the multiplayer as i've not bothered to look at it yet. I'll only really play BF as games like this on multiplayer don't appeal to me for various reasons.

    If your a casual gammer with money to afford the spec required and you want something that looks nice and is reletively easy to play. Buy this game.

    If you were expecting revolution in both graphics and game play and wanted something more than far cry with a nice power suit don't bother. atleast not until it's dropped in price, maybe down to £18.

    For any one wondering, there is a way of playing this using the Direct X10 settings without vista. It's something like "emulation arcade" or something to that effect, just google it. I can run it on full DX9 on 1024x768 with NO slow down what so ever and am capable of running on full DX10 on this spec:

    Intel core 2 duo E6750 2.67Ghz
    2gig OCZ reaper RAM 1066Mhz
    8800GT 512mb DDR3

  3.  WOO


    I bought this for my DS homebrew-cart. It comes with an SD adaptor, theres no stupid security software built in to it which means it doesn't cause compatability issues. I plug it in and it works. If your looking for a good deal here it is.