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  1.  amazing piece of kit


    Finally it has arrived! On top of the headline grabbing 12mpxl HD 720p camera with proper flash (which is so far excellent) I could spend ages listing all the features not mentioned above, but I'll pick a few of the obscure but useful: FM transmitter to play through your car radio, full iPlayer support with radio streaming and TV streaming/downloads over 3g or wifi, facebook and twitter widgets that show info from the icon without going in to the app, mutliple mailboxes with headers of the most recent 2 messages in the widget icon... and of course FLASH support so you can actually browse all of the internet.

    I like the way you can assign priorities to multiple wifi or 3g data connections, so it will try your home wifi when going online then if thats not available will revert to 3g seamlessly

    Everyone is obsessed with the 'apps', the itunes store is 99% full of badly written and pointless junk. With the N8 you get the 1% of good stuff either included already or available free to download from ovi store (eg, the panorama picture app). Plus ovi allows online backup and management of contacts etc

    Standard size headphone / headset socket on the top next to the HDMI port. The included charger is a mini-USB style and plugs in the side, but as far as I can tell there is also the old-style round nokia charger socket on the bottom - so that'll be handy!

    Of course, seeing as its a Nokia it makes and receives calls with no signal issues!

  2.  shame Simon Pegg & Nick Frost don't star in this


    Worth a watch, but DON'T BUY IT! A lot of the gags fall flat. It's a shame Simon Pegg & Nick Frost didnt replace Horne & Cordon - they could have made this something more watchable as there are a few decent scenes wasted by the actors...

  3.  cheap and cheerful


    For 17.99 (5*) this is a bit of a bargain, for 25 still OK (4*) but no more than that. Nice quality pics, simple to use interface. Internal memory is a bit of a waste of time for two reasons: 1. you cant fit more than about 8 pics on there at any size and 2. the image quality seems to be downgraded when its moved from memcard onto the internal memory. SO - dig out any old titchy SDcard or memory stick and that works best. You cant see the card sticking out from the front. A substantial gift for not much money :)

  4.  halo for vista? this is the controller!


    plug & play with Vista worked straight away. There's a Vista update that pops up - can't tell what it does other than make one of the LEDs on the Xbox logo light up the same as when plugged into an Xbox360.
    In my opinion this is the best solution for gaming on a media centre PC where u dont have a desktop to put the keyboard & mouse on.

  5.  great multifunction printer at great price


    I've had one of these for ages now and been totally happy with it. HP software is a bit fat on your PC, but you can switch it off (if you just want to print & copy) until you want to scan something then press 'scan to' and select the PC on the network you want the image to appear on - pretty slick. Fast-draft is extremely quick, quality printing at 'slower' speeds. Very handy B&W/colour copier that works without a PC and multi-sheet feeder is great. Fax works fine but doesnt get much use these days. Networking was simple to setup and has explorer-based admin screen. Photo printing is decent, have invested in photo cartridge but not tried it yet! Not made use of cardreader as PC has one.

    Small considering functionality, fits on a billy-bookcase shelf! Good for small office or proper working from home

  6.  better than nothing, but only just


    the one i received was poorly made, but fitted OK-ish. It does offer general protection (not to screen) but gave up using it after a week as it makes phone too big and looks truly AWFUL!

  7.  useless


    sticks to the windscreen fine (if you clean it and attach properly) but doesnt hold the phone at all! Cant trust it to not drop my n95 at slightest bump :(

  8.  fits the n95 well - but not all cars!


    this fits the N95 well and into my vauxhall vent no problem. Doesnt fit in the mondeo though due to vent 'fins' being too deep. For this price, i'd get one to see if it fits - but we warned it can fall apart if you keep removing and refitting it. Recommended at this price.