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  1. MAG



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     Not just a battle, it's a war


    This game delivers the biggest and baddest in online shooters. The massive action makes you feel as though you truly are part of a company of soldiers in a full-scale battle. With so much going on and so much you can do to influence the fighting, there is no comparison to anything else on the market.
    The command structure is comprehensive enough to allow detailed direction of the action while still simple enough to be accessible to the average player. Being a commander gives you are so much opportunity and puts you in the perfect seat for the action. Again, there's nothing else like it anywhere.
    It can seem daunting when you first get into the game and find bullets flying at you from every direction, bunkers blowing up and strategic strikes blowing up your allies left right and center, but put in the time to learn the battlefield and you will soon be hooked to the genius of this game.
    One final thing, i'd recommend reading a little on strategy if you intend on becoming a commander as this game has so much opportunity to use high level strategy. Sun Tzu's The Art of War and Miyamoto Musashi's Book of Five Rings are my constant companions to this game.

  2.  Re Matt093


    Just a quick note to Matt093's review.
    The average game player is 33 years old. Well above the 12-18 you are asking about.
    The playlist of this game caters for many ages, from the teeny-bopper to the ageing rock 'n' roll fan.
    We should be glad that the game developers take into account the range of people who play video games.

  3.  Make your own readers


    If you want to cheat at poker or do a magic trick don't use pre-marked cards. They are obvious and have a system to them that can be easily picked up by others.
    Readers (marked cards) like these are also a huge chunk of evidence against you if you are discovered to be a cheat at cards.

    If you wanna cheat at poker, study Erdnase's Expert At The Card Table, AKA Erdnase.
    As for magic, try learning some card forces or a little mentalist psychology.
    Pre-marked cards are nothing more than a novelty.

  4.  Awesome


    Acting is great, story is brilliant, game play is superb and graphics are wonderful.
    And the SIXAXIS motion action immerses the player into the game so well.
    I love this game.

  5.  A book for the closed minded.


    This book is simply a collection of the usual rantings and misconceptions from hardcore creationists. I'm sure it was written for people will an IQ lower than that of a dog and have not read any of Dawkin's brilliant works.
    The author simply uses Dawkin's name to peddle his worthless pages.
    If you've read and understood Dawkin's books then this book will be nothing more than something to laugh at.