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  1.  Fantastic monitor: Rock Solid


    Installed this on a Windows 7 machine and Mac book Pro. I use the VGA on Windows and DVI on the Mac. Picture quality is excellent and rock solid.

    Putting the screen together, plugging in and setting up was very easy. The menu is straightforward for navigating and changing settings.

    I had to play around with the settings to get the colour and brightness to my liking but once configured I was very pleased with the results. Colours are true and stable.

    Games run very smoothly and refresh rates of the video card are easily matched without screen lag.

    Having the web-cam built in saves on desk space and this monitor fits perfectly in the recess of my desk area. I have not tried the built in speakers for sound as I have a separate setup for that.

    I would recommend this monitor to those who have a single input or mulitple inputs of differing connectors and I have marked this as 4 star as there is only 1 VGA and 1 DVI connector. Most lap-tops and PCs have DVI output so having dual DVI would make it 5 star in my opinion.

  2.  Very good card for the price


    Installed on XP without issue (2GB RAM with Core 2 Qaud processor). It requires 2 slots so had to rejig the insides of my machine as my PCI Express cards were side by side.

    First impressions after setting BioShock, Left4Dead, DeadSpace and HL2 Ep 2 to maximum options is exceptional. Frame rates are very high (maintains 60Hz easily) and it is stable at 1280x1024. Not tried over-clocking but this is also an option.

    When I finally get Windows 7 installed (been delayed due to the install process being a complete wipe and I don't have the time to start from scratch this month) I will see how DX11 looks on this card.

    I would recommend this video card to PC gamers who don't want to spend a fortune and have some games that could benefit from improved hardware.

  3.  Not really for XP upgrades


    I recently purchased a new video card and to run Direct X-11games required the upgrade to Windows 7.

    I was using XP and found that this package for Windows 7 is not really an upgrade as you will need to back up all your data and have all your installation discs for the applications you want to run. After a clean install of Windows 7 you will then be able to reinstall all your software (some of it may not work on Windows 7!) and then you need to re-import all your data. Hardly an upgrade and you need a big external drive to do this if you have lots of iTunes data etc.

    Some common programs such as Office may not work on the OS and Outlook Express has been removed completely so you need to use Windows Live Email instead.

    Had this been obvious prior to install I would not have bothered. I was very disappointed and annoyed with this fact.

  4.  Good background CD


    This is a very cool CD and has plenty of good bass lines but not too much vocal so good for background music. Plays better on a Hi-Fi than on iPod speaker. I agree with the other review, some very good tunes and very well mixed. Took a few listens to really get into it as it is lower key than I was execting.

  5. Output


    Fedde Le Grand - CD

    7 New from  £4.33  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £6.08

     Good tunes but not all fit together...


    A decent album and has some excellent vocal tracks but not all the tracks seem to go together so my overall score is not top marks. As a DJ producer, Fedde Le Grand has made some very impressive dance tunes over the last couple of years and this seems to be a change of direction into more vocal based traditional tracks. There are however a couple of instrumental dance tracks as well toward the end of the album. Each track is individually good but the flow of the album is not quite there.

  6.  One of the best dance compilations of 2009


    Some great tracks and mixes from 2009. A good mixture of dance styles and sounds. Discs 2 and 3 get aired regularly on the way to and from work on the iPod. Preferring this to Clubbers Guide and Space Ibiza. Marked down a bit due to the David Guetta and Kelly Roland track being an electro mix and not as good as the original.

  7.  Incredible value and well worth playing!


    FPSs on Wii are a rare-breed of game and this is the jewel in the crown. The game mechanic works incredibly well and although MP1 and 2 are re-hashes of Game-Cube titles, they work exceptionally well with the new control mechanism. In comparison to HD games, the graphics are not bad. MP1 and 2 have been scaled to 16x9 widescreen format and I use the EDTV 60Hz mode so it is very smooth. MP1 is the best in terms of art-design and MP3 is the best in terms of getting the most out of the Wii remote and nunchuck. An excellent game (3 games) and essential to have in the collection if you like adventure fps games.

  8.  Good value but tracks are a little bland


    Got both Deadmau5 albums and prefer this one to the newer album. There are some good tracks on both but the overall impression is a little bit depressing. Value for money, this is a good one to have in the collection and gets more plays than "for lack of a better name"!

  9.  CD 1 better than 2


    Some great progressive house tracks mixed very well. If you are not into dance albums then steer clear but there are some great musical highs on CD1. CD2 is okay but not as good although the ending is music to my ears and having Amplifier on my iPod is fantastic.

  10.  A very good value graphics card


    Supports a great range of games and plays them very smoothly. For this budget it is exceptional. Play HL2 Ep2 on top settings for a memorable experience.