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  1.  Love the series


    This game is an ok addition to the saints row series with some amusing missions and weapons. I'm a big fan of the saints row series but this game seemed to be extremly short and the DLC is not worth the money. The game was more activities than actual story and excitement. The game is better in co-op but fully completed the game in no time at all. would have give it a higher rating but more story and missions where needed

  2.  Superb


    Bought this for 20 quid and been playing it for 135 hours and that in my opinion is value for money. The game grabbed me instantly with the character customization and then the stunning visuals. Loved how you rained your character up with the perks system and the dual wielding with one hand magic and the other a sword is fantastic. A must buy for anyone

  3.  One of the Best Games out


    Fantastic price for the game and all of the DLC at under 15quid. Best multiplayer game i've played with hours and hours of gameplay and a final boss worth having a battle with. Each character has their own unique way of being levelled up and the amount of weapons to kick butt with is amazing 5 star game and it really is

  4.  Didn't expect much but what a shock


    Blind bought this game because it was under a tenner and it was fantastic. the story is cool and the visuals are great. The characters you pick up on the way are great with their skills involving weapons. SEGA should continue to make games of this quality, it had a mass effect style feel to the game and the use of the head set to communicate with your characters on screen was a good addition to the gameplay.

  5.  ok but its no left for dead.


    This game is average. it looks good and it plays good. the creation of weapons is great but had a strange feeling all the way through the game that something was missing. The lack of excitment was one thing and it did feel like the enemies never really changed and you fought the same thing over and over which got boring. This is deffo a multiplayer game but I feel left for dead was better as a zombie smashing game

  6.  WOW


    This game is fantastic, its not an all guns blazing style shooter very tactical (even online) where team work can win you the game. the campaign is fantastic in multiplayer and the customization of weapons is unreal. A must buy for under 20 quid and a must buy if your tired of the same old shooter games, this is a refreshing change.

  7.  where the hedgehog gone???


    the camera angles on this game are terrible. your lives are constantly robbed because you cannot see enemies around you due to the poor camera controls. very frustrating!!! visuals arent to great. bring back the 2D version SEGA!!!

  8.  zzzzzzzzzzzzz boring!!!


    an awful rip off of GTA!!! The only good thing is that you can create your own character. very repetative. feels like your doing the same 5 missions over and over and over and over and over......ARRRRGH!!! Wait for the next GTA

  9.  Fantastic Fantastic Fantastic


    I bought this game for £17.99 a while back. For an xbox 360 game that is really cheap. i wasnt expecting much from such a cheaply priced game but a few hours of gameplay later i was hooked. the visuals are stunning, storyline is great and there is a neverending amount of side missions which will keep you away from the main storyline of the game for ages, which extends the life of this game. ive been playin for over a hundred hours and still haven't finished the game. how many games for 17.99 can give you that many gameplay hours?????

  10.  great money saver


    fantastic product. when fully charged it lasts alot longer than normal batteries. i agree with some of the other reviews that it defies the point of a wireless controller but it only takes a couple of hours 2 charge and then you can just take the wire out and have hours more wireless gameplay.