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  1.  i am...converted


    i have never aknowledged the depth and context taken within this particular artists songs and the projection of her stunning vocals until the song If I Were A Boy was released last year,it was then that i became a fan of Beyonce.
    i had heard of her work and songs before now obviously but i never really appreciated them quite as much,will definately want the previous album B'day if this stunning album is anything to go by.
    until i heard this particularly special album Britney Spears Circus for me was the greatest album released last year, now i think that now Beyonce definately rules the roost with this classic and epic album.
    i ordered this as soon as i could and little did i know what i was bargaining for once i placed I Am...into my cd player.
    i was awestruck by the powerhouse vocals on each beautiful ballad, Halo is possibly my favourite song of the disc but all eight tracks flow nicely into each other that this particular disc beats any material released in 2008; Ave Maria is a haunting little ditty, Smash Into You is stunning and poetic, Satellites is just mesmerising every single time i hear it and Broken Hearted Girl is begging to be released as a single to which i am positive will become a mega huge hit.
    now ...Sasha Fierce adds to the power of the album as it is just what it is titled...FIERCE yet ultimately unusual and fantastically epic to grande proportions.
    Single Ladies(put a ring on it) is one of the most energetic songs ever released,at least since the 80's with its synthesised approach to give it authenticity, Diva may appear dated but it is nevertheless the most unusual thing i have ever heard on this album yet is also empowering in its own little way, Hello is a haunting song yet also undeniably catchy, Radio is a fantastic and sultry little power house that in itself is my favourite of the album,Sweet Dreams is another epic song that is a favourite of mine, Scared Of Lonely is the grande conclusion to the album and Ego is chokka blokka full of innuendos'.
    overall this album is the best thing i have heard in a long time as much that it is in my all time favourites list.
    other runner up are-Britney's Circus,Madonna's Hard Candy,Duffy's Rockferry, P!nk's Funhouse and Elbow's Seldom Seen Kid(and that is definately the greatest rock album of the year!!).
    thank you Beyonce Knowles for the most excellently made album of the year, epic is only an understatement once you hear this, it is her greatest album and will be hard to beat in the future.

  2.  The Fame is astonishing...Gaga reigns supreme


    2009 looks fabulous for up and rising dance diva Lady gaga, she boasts nothing but excellent tracks on The Fame which is quite easily an early contender for greatest album of 2009.
    Gaga has recently co wrote songs for britney's recent excellent effort Circus and her talent really shone.
    Just Dance has currently been at the well deserved #1 spot in the UK for 2 weeks in a row and it is really excellent.
    no Lady Gaga is certainly far away from being a one hit wonder...she is here to stay and along with Aguilera and Spears will lead her genre and become royalty instantly.
    all 16 tracks are crammed with fun and unique style which reflects a more Queen incorporated vibe mixed with Cyndi lauper and David Bowie...it is really something quite incredible.
    The Fame is the album to purchase if you only aim to get one album this year.
    truely an exceptional talent and one to watch out for...Poker Face is sure to lead the charts as the next release from the album.
    simply enchanting and wonderful for lovers of music she herself can't even compare to other artists...she is a unique and stunning talent.

  3.  makes Stripped seem pointless, Back To Basics is amazing!!


    Christina Aguilera is the voice of us as the current music generation...i love her songs on the double disc collection,Aguilera really digs under the skin of retro music and returns to her roots ...and the results of that is nothing but spectacular.
    Stripped, i liked but now after reciving Back To Basics for my birthday a couple days back i can't stop playing it and loving it.
    all the tracks are perfect and really show off her vocal talent.
    it may be a personal effort but it is also astonishingly fun to listen to too.
    so many tracks here deliver on what it set out to do it is unbelievable...this is currently her greatest album to date and her musically challenging.
    i can't wait for her more techno dance effort due to arrive this summer...but until then Back to Basics reigns supreme.
    i recommend this album to everyone, its a nice meld of attitudes and genres that makes this her most easily accessible album to date.
    lus a good majority of the album was produced by mark Ronson pre Amy Winehouse.
    Back To Basics is astonihing and the greatest album of 2006 with all singles up for grammy awards.
    Stripped was good but this is excellent!

  4.  a decade captured for her fans


    Unfortunately a couple tracks are left off this compelation, but her sound and vocals are simply amazing and it really shows throughout these songs.
    Keeps gettin better is a fantastic new track by christina with the techno feel of britney spears amazing blackout album and it hints at whats to come with christinas album next year,if its anything like blackout we're in for a treat.
    Although stripped is my fave album of her's with the mix of r & b,blues and dirt(tehe) back to basics captured her vocal edge and was really very well made,both beat her debut album.
    And although i tend to favour britney's songs and albums (circus is an epic album) higher than aguilera's it doesn't mean that she has the power over the music undustry and both have a high talent that makes me grateful to be living in this era of the music industry.
    I personally won't purchase this album as i have her three previous album and may get keeps gettin' better as a single, but the final songs are a nice taster for the future.
    Also recommend- britney spears circus, p!nk's fun house, madonna's hard candy and cyndi lauper's bring ya to the brink.

  5. Blackout


    Britney Spears - CD

    15 New from  £4.03  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.13

     ~How To Transform Half A Decade Of Trouble Into Art~


    The greatest album of 2007 and will defiantly stand the test of time due to its fantastic production on each track and subtle personal tone to each track that boasts a fantastic detail lacking in the music industry...although this year's fantastic CIRCUS has eclipsed it, it doesn't mean this isn't a good album...on the contrary it's everything but dull.
    Britney has had it rough but now she is back on top form as if she had never left.
    TOY SOLDIER is a stand out for me as all the time it makes me feel great and gets my groove on, everyone will love it on first play and was criminally not released as a single.
    the three singles Gimme More, Piece of Me, and Break The Ice are each very good and contain the pace that symbolizes a new re-invented Britney with electrifying beats.
    Toy Soldier,Heaven On Earth, Radar, Get Naked, Ooh Ooh Baby, Freak show and Perfect Lover are(for me) the best of the tracks for me on this drastically entertaining album.
    Blackout is nothing but amazing but CIRCUS is plain unbeatable.
    Highly recommended album

  6.  She's Back and still unusual!!


    Bring ya To The Brink is certainly one of the best albums of 2008, Madonna did it with her fabulous Hard Candy, Britney did it with Blackout and now it's time for the icon of the 80's to flesh out her musical style with personal undertones.
    Cyndi Lauper may have gotten lost n the 80's bewilderment in the music industry but she had never left the industry...in fact far from it, in 1994 she released on of my fave album Hat Full Of Stars which has sold 6 million worldwide and in 1997 she released another corker Sisters Of Avalon which has currently sold 1.5 million.
    both are extremely underrated and boast perfect music, but Cyndi shimmed away from the spotlight...that is until now and she boasts the style of 70's disco in this amazing album while remaining entirely personal, although Madonna and Britney's efforts are a tad superior, BYTTB screams pop perfection.
    best tracks-Into The Nightlife, Rocking Chair, Lyfe, Same Ol Story, Lay Me Down, Give It Up and Rain On Me.
    really great album for fans of her music and people that enjoy great talented people, time to get your groove on.

  7. Britney


    Britney Spears - CD

    21 New from  £3.78  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £5.90

     the fantastic 3RD album by an international superstar


    Britney was for a long while my fave britney album and my fave album of all time, but since its release in 2001 she followed it up with the (not perfect) but nevertheless exceptional in the zone, the electronica artform that was last years blackout and (my fave album since thriller) this years circus(it's unbeatable).
    Britney is an album unlike its predecessors ...baby one more time and oops!...i did it again in the sence that it has a far more 'adult' vibe and an r 'n' b sound blended with dance pop and a fantastic bass line on each that enchants you and won't let go until track 14.
    Definately in my top 25 album of all time and the only britney album that succeeds this is the exceptional circus, and matched by 2007's blackout.
    2001 Wasn't a better year for spears as she now became the most successful teenage artist of all time, this album alone has sold millions.
    All 14 tracks have something to love about them, this album has scored 6 fantastic top 10 hits for brit alone- slave 4 u,overprotected,boys, i love rock n' roll, i'm not a girl not yet a woman and anticipating...all of which are amazing singles.
    Cinderella reflects a maturity and fantastic tuning that makes this a fave of mine, i cannot get enough of it.
    Other stand outs are- lonely, bombastic love, what its like to be me, that's where u take me,before the goodbye and let me be.
    Britney rages perfaction and is a must have for lovers of music.
    Plus purchase blackout and circus too.

  8. Circus


    Britney Spears - CD

    27 New from  £2.39  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.13

     Circus is the album of 2008!


    Britney Spears may have had a roller-coaster of a career and a turmoil personal life that has gained media attention over the past 4 years.
    But now she is getting the attention she finally deserves, Blackout had started a semi return but due to lack of publicity it has been eclipsed by this giant album of 2008.
    Circus combines a fine combination of ballad, rock,pop, and a retro style to make it fun, catchy and inspiring...everyday i come home from college and put this in my CD player...it makes you feel great eternally.
    Maichael Jackson did it with Thriller, Madonna did it with Like A Prayer and Ray of Light now its Britney's turn...Circus never dissappoints.
    WOMANIZER is her greatest lead single ever and really shows off what circus has in store for fans (song of the year), CIRCUS is a great follow up single that is equally as dark broody and catchy with frantic pacing, OUT FROM UNDER needs to be the third single due to mega popularity from fans and it being the most beautiful ballad since Everytime.
    KILL THE LIGHTS is the superior sequel to Piece Of Me, while BLUR/SHATTERED GLASS/MMM PAPI 'nd LACE & LEATHER boast high octane production values.
    IF U SEEK AMY is now a cult Britney track due to its expletive nature yet it has a dance and funky vibe that will get you dancing, her most clever and notorious track to date!.
    RADAR gets a frantic new remix but this time Britney shows off her vocals rather than Dependant on the pulsating beat background...easily making a single possibility and a more amazing track.
    but for me MANNEQUIN is one of the best tracks she has ever created and demands a single release with the vibe of MJ's THRILLER...it frantic and fantastic.
    MY BABY is Brit's most personal track and it very, very charming.
    AMNESIA closes the album to high high and mighty effect.
    all in all this album is the perfect album of the year that beats Rihanna's, Madonna's, Kylie's and even Cyndi Lauper's recent efforts this year by miles.
    Circus is amazing...although the deluxe edition is the one to get for major fans like me with the bonus tracks ROCK ME IN and PHONOGRAPHY which are both catchy and sleek...plus a DVD and a poster...Circus is a must have album...the queen is definately back with the best album of her career.

  9.  'The Destruction Of Reality Itself!!!'


    simply the greatest series of the show EVER!!!
    i was stunned from its beginning to the devastating and awe inspiring conclusion of epic proportions.
    with the addition of Tate in the mix it makes for fantastic entertainment all the way through,the pair act off of each other with brilliant momentum and to a great effect too...i love it.
    series 4 has by far had the greatest run of episodes in television history.
    lets start-
    Voyage Of The Damned-4/5

    Partners In Crime-5/5-fantastic and very very funny.

    Fires Of Pompeii-4.5/5

    Planet Of the Ood-5/5

    The Sontaran Stratagem/Poison Sky-5/5-The Return of Martha and the villainous Sontarans.

    The Doctors Daughter-4.5/5

    The Unicorn & The Wasp-5/5-fantastic murder mystery.

    Silence in the Library/The Forest Of The Dead-5/5-simply stunning through and through and genuinly terrifying...one ogf the best episodes...ever!

    Midnight-5/5-Terrific and very claustrophobic.

    Turn Left-5//5-a stunning what if episode that is by far one of the best episodes ever made for the show...Catherine Tate for Bafta anyone?

    The Stolen Earth/Journey's End-5/5-stunning throughout,and genuinly scary Daleks this time round,with and an equally petrifying D**r*s to go with them played to a great effect by Julian Bleach...its explosive and very high on adrenaline...the icing on the cake is the fact that ALL cast members are reunited to battle the Daleks and save Earth/the universe from total devastation...LOVE IT!!!
    also,the ending is extremely upsetting(just a warning)...i predict some awards.

    all in all i love this series and am going to be pre-ordering it soon.

  10.  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!IN YOUR FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    while this may be lower on my list of favoritism of MADONNA albums, this one is pretty great compared to im breathless which i dont like that much this album really gets the point across and has very in your face lyrics, although a few duds on the album it is impressive and gritty, AMERICAN LIFE is the best track on here and is a powerful song, love that rap towards the end...+ glad she dosen rap that often...makes it more special :):)