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  1.  Stunning


    The gameplay and Graphics on this are amazing, the release of the Dx11 and Hi-Res updates for PC really push the boundaries. They have lost the destructive scenery which is disappointing however most FPS do not. Another sacrifice is the huge sandbox maps and we are now inside solely New York but in no way are small.
    CRYTEK really know how to produce games.

    As other people have said the story does not tie in directly to the previous two games and makes up feel we are missing a chapter. Although it is not hard to guess. for this I have reduced it to 4-stars

    People giving it a bad review just because it was released on consoles claimed too much pride over the previous 2 games only released on PC. For that their reviews are basically useless since they do not seem to focus on the actual gameplay.

  2.  OK but lacking for being new


    Had the game for a little while now and for some reason I cannot stay on it for more then an hour of gameplay. I always seem to have an excuse to go onto something different.

    The graphics are alright, though it seems they have placed advanced features within an old engine. objects seem to be very blocky but the mechanics within them is good. Being a recent release i was expecting outstanding graphics, however I have to say they do not stand up to Crysis 2's Dx11 package/Hi-Res. I would almost go as far as Crysis 1's graphics are better with near everything being destructable.
    If this was released maybe just last year it would be more acceptable.

    Gameplay feels very slow. Although some people may say i am not playing the way it is meant to be, it should not feel slow. Im not too keen on choosing what to say to people at every point within games in which i find an annoyance.

    Another issue I have is hacking computer systems in the game. I have not been shown at any point what the actual goal is and i just seem to be clicking around and can only just manage to get through level 2 of 5 terminals. Again some sort of guide would have been great.

    Eventually I will get around to finishing it but it wont be anytime soon, I'm sure some people love what i dislike but all in all; This is not one for me.

  3.  A good watch. But where does the game fit in?


    As a fan and player of the game series it was a good watch. However, I would have more liked it to be on par with the game story line more which could have been made into a sequel or two.

    Being a Hitman film a little more secrecy should have been input into the film. Though understandable a fear of this making the film boring for people who do not know the game series. Though I believe if it was more inline with the video game, fans of which would have much more enjoyed the film relating what they see to what they achieved in-game. After saying all that the film was still a good watch and I would not regret buying it.