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  1.  Give it a good watch.


    If youre a Van Damme fan please dont go into this film wanting it all to be about the martial arts. For what the film is the acting is pretty good and there's a few shoot out's to keep some the action fans entertained. Movie itself starts with Van Damme just being one hell of a nasty cop who like's his drugs and cheating on his wife and on the other hand he's totally obsessed trying catch his old friend who puts Van Damme into a coma. Time passes we see Van Damme trying put thing's right with family and friends with his eye on revenge on the people who put him into the coma.

  2.  One of the best


    I will have to admit this is one of the best Xbox 360 games i have played in a long time. Its a great platform game mixed with combat and a great storyline for me.
    The game is set in an post apocalyptic world set in America. You play as Monkey (voice by Andy Serkis) who becomes the helper but not by choice to Tripp. Main thing to the game is that if you die, she dies and same the other way round. At times you will have to carry her and help her jump gaps that are too far or high, need each other to open doors and move items.
    The game is good looking, funny in places and cutscenes worth watching for me and good voice acting.
    The game is worth playing and buying so if you do become one of the many buyers of this game i hope you will enjoy.

  3.  good fun


    Having gone off the Fifa games over the last few years I took my chance on this one and I will have to say it was worth it. There are good number of game modes to keep you playing. New mode they have is the goalkeeper mode where they let you be the keeper. Keeping you as the last line of defense. Career mode: Lets you start out as a player and over the years move on as player manager and the full team manager. Tournaments: Well what you get is over 50 tournaments of cups and leagues. Online play: Not had any issues with yet but have heard there have been with some players. Gameplay: I find it nice and smooth with passing and shooting being good. The ref isn't annoying and will play on when needed.

  4.  Best Spiderman I played


    Having played alot of Spiderman game's and being let down by alot of them I have got to say that I loved this game. There's been alot of game's of late that have been too short but what you get with Spiderman Shattered Dimensions is a good long action packed game. Spiderman fans will love it and new comers will too i feel.
    There are enough villains to keep to busy. With the best one being Deadpool talking all over the game trying to put you off and you also get few jokes from Spiderman. Each main villain has their own move's so wont get boring.
    One of the best points is that you get to play 4 Spidermans from 4 Dimensions. Reason will i liked this is that each one has their own move's and gameplay at times without really getting boring for eg Spiderman Noir is 90% hiding in the shadows waiting to strike. Also there are challenge's and with each one you do you get a chance to upgrade your Spiderman fighting moves. Hope you all enjoy.

  5.  Nice surprise


    I always remember the 1st Dead To Rights at them years ago on the PS2 and never like it so when i heard about this one coming out i did worry abit if it was going be any good, guess what it was and getting it from Play.Com for only cheap was great.

    One of the mean things that i liked about this game was the story which i felt i was good and well told. The action well there's alot of it keep you busy. You have Focus Mode which is good if theres more bad guys than you, you put it in Focus Mode just slows it down for you to give you better chance to aim you gun. Theres only few combos in the hand to hand combat but the counter moves are there and good to use. You can also call your dog Shadow to help you out if you getting your butt handed to you. Finishing off moves are cool to watch in slow-mo.

    Not every stage is the same with the action at times you will be Shadow to sneak around to get stuff for Jake so you can carry on to get to the next part. Shadow has his own ways of killing and will also wee on a bad guy who been knocked out. I got cheap laugh out of it.

    The game i felt was abit short but I did enjoy every part of it and there are enough achievements which are fun and some are easy to get but will keep you busy for that little longer.

  6.  Good fun


    Being a horror fan but being let down by all the bad Hollywood horrors or remakes that think having alot of gore moans it scary, it was good to see a good English horror. One of the main things that i like is that the characters were so unlikeable cos they were made to be that way which many people seem to miss that point in the movie. Slow at times but it keeps it right and when the action come it's fun. This movie aint for everyone and thats ok.

  7.  Hit and miss but it's a big 6 with me


    Always been a fan of Codemaster's cricket game's but this one is the best one of all and show's that alot work has gone into the play of the game. Yes it may not be the best looking game around and alot of the players move the same like they when bowling but oh well.
    Bowling- What you get when bowling like in real life LBW wont always go your way even when it should...yes its abit annoying but it happens. Sometimes you will need change the way you bowl to get the batter out. Always fun when wipe the wickets clean out or take a catch with the slips or the wicket keeper.

    Batting- Can be easy at times but beware when the bowling change his bowling style half way though his run it can catch you out.

    Only thing i wish it had is better choice of players to have chance pick from.

  8.  hit and miss


    The game is fun at times when you can change yourself and all the gore but after sometime of the samething over and over again it starts to get abit boring and for Xbox 360 game it looks like a PS2 game. Not a game worth £40 sorry to say

  9.  unmissable


    This movie is great its well made and the acting is good but the sad news is america might be doing remake

  10.  hit and miss


    After the live action films of Resident Evil to be fair to them they didnt have much money work on and simple fact that Capcom the makers of the game didnt want the same story to be retold and people from the games to be used right away. This however had more rights to use things and was good to see that was it really