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  1.  A must buy for any red dwraf fan


    i originally had these on Audio Cassette and using PC software converted them onto itunes.
    this is the same reading as those original ones done many years ago, just on CD so it is of much higher quality
    on iTunes this CD compilation must be bought as 2 seperate CD's at 7.99 each (so for the full book it will cost you 15.98)

    my review of the book

    it is a different take from the TV show and fans will instantly notice the differences in the stories. this DOES NOT spoil anything however as it is as funny as ever and the differences just keep it feeling fresh.

    the reading by chris barrie is amazing, his voice acting is superb and he really adds to the story. the pace of the book is spot on (it is an abridged version of the written book).

    i would recommend this & the other one for any fan

    top marks
    i just hope we get a release of the other red dwarf novels
    Last human & backwards

  2.  Blu-ray v's DVD


    the DVD version of this is 2 disc, the Blu-Ray version is 1 disc (you can fit more onto Blu-Ray)

    super show, take that at their best

  3.  quite simply the most amazing pad i have ever used !!!


    i think the title sums it all up really.
    this pad is exactly the same that is used on the xbox360 with the addition of a wireless reciever and a cd install disc which enables you to use it on the pc.
    it is a doddle to set up and i was using mine within 5 mins of getting it out of the packaging.
    it is instantly recognised by windows games and is by far the most accurate pad available for the pc.

    if you are thinking of buying one.... stop thinking, just buy it already.

  4.  Excellent in all areas


    I bought this as i needed a charging station for my ipod touch and the alarm clock in my bedroom was old and had had it too!

    I thought i would try this out as at £17.99 it made it cheaper than a plug in charger, yet you got an alarm clock too.

    The alarm function is great it is dual alarmed so i can have one set for me to get up and have one set when its time for my wife to get up a couple of hours later.

    The sound is crystal clear and quite beefy considering its a tiny little thing and is ample volume for the bedroom.

    The system is fully remote control and you can control your ipod touch from the remote too!

    The buttons do seem a little clunk-click but i think that with use it will wear in nicely (like a pair of trainers).

    The radio part has enough presets to save your fave 30 radio channels.

    Wake up to either buzzer, radio, ipod or external auxillary device (i have my tv connected)


    For under £20 you will not find a better system for charging and listening to your ipod touch in the bedroom.

  5.  High school flop


    First let me sy i love musicals, and secondly i enjoyed all 3 hsm films. I also ama huge fan of the singstar series on the ps2/3

    So i was really excited, as was my wife when we found out this game was coming out for release (we bought it s soon as it came out)

    This game is terrible, i don't know what game the other reviews were playing but it ouldn't be this... Heres why:

    The singers on this game are not the actors from the films, they are just nobodys singing the songs.

    The whole point of the singstar series was to re-create the song. (I used to love doing the duets with my wife) but in this game both people sing random lines, and sometimes player 1 will sing the first part of a line and player 2 finishes it.

    That is not how duets are sung

    The echo... When you sing along your voice comes through the tv. Okay it does too in singstar, but in singstar it comes through in realtime. In this it comes with a slight delay which really puts you off.

    The animation is awful, truly dreadful.

    All is not lost
    The makers of this game have learned their lessons (or some at least) and have fixed the duet problem (problem 2) for the sequel so if i were you i would get that one as chances are if they have fixed some issues they may have solved them all.

    A horrible game which will is only good enough for little kids who are tone deaf.... If you enjoy singstar... Steer clear of this

  6.  An amazing Bowling SIM... NOTHING LIKE WII SPORTS


    Firstly ignore all the negative reviews of this game because they were all expecting a stupidly easy game like wii sports bowling and this is nothing like wii sports bowling.

    I enjoyed wii sports bowling but wanted a game with more teeth and more realism so i thought i'd try brunswick pro bowling.

    This game is based on real physics and also takes into account how the weighted balls travel across the alley and not just down it. This game rewards effort and is structured in a way that makes you want to put the effort in.

    Firstly when swinging the arm holding the ball you can twist the wiimote and put spin or hook onto the ball enabling you to come at the pins from the side and giving you more angles to pick up those odd spare pins you left on your previous bowl.

    There are plenty of unlockables to unlock. This is done by earning cash at $100 a week and plus bonuses from tournaments etc. And also winning tournaments will unlock new alleys for you to play in quickplay mode.

    The unlockables are things like
    Better bowling balls
    Gloves to give better control
    Clothes and accessories for your character
    And more.

    The only negatives i can think of for this game is the sound is a little flat and the character graphics are not that great.

    But sound and gfx don't detract from what is amazingly great gameplay.

    Buy this game it's awesome!!!!

  7.  G.I. Samurai / Timeslip - it has stood the test of time


    i first saw this film when i was a young boy and it amazed me in many ways, the brutality really stood out in my mind when i looked back on it (through rose-tinted specs) and the plot/story has been one which i have thought abt many times during growing up.

    so when i heard about its relase i had to buy it (i bought it a couple of years ago now)

    how does it compare in modern times?

    well, the story and plot is very unique and its one that seems kind of obvious and you wonder why filmstudios havn't ripped it off. If i had tanks and helicopters and a whole platoon of heavily armed soldiers and found ourselves 700 years in the past i would try and take over the world!!

    who wouldn't?

    the acting is top notch and the fight scenes are beautifully choreographed just watching 1000's of samurai fight modern soldiers on a battlefield beggars belief.

    this version of the film is the extended edition with all of the extra violence left in, it also has the original subbed sountrack as well as the option of subtitles.

    if you want a great movie for your collection i whole-heartedly endorse this movie.

    1000's of samurai V's a couple of platoons of soldiers with tanks, helicopers, jeeps, heavy weapons and explosives....

    who do you think will win??? you may be surprised!

  8.  awful game


    i am a huge fan of star trek games, i loved the latest bethedsa series (tactical assault, legacy, encounters) and have owned them on all formats.

    i couldn't wait to try this game.#

    the speech is very repetitive and get on your nerves within minutes.

    the grahics are surprisingly good.

    the controls are utterly awful and its pot luck as to whether or not you win battles.

    gameplay is very slow and tedious.

    if you like star trek buy bethedsa's other games

    encounters on ps2 is very good
    legacy on xbox is awesome
    tactical assault on ds is good

    avoid THIS lame game.

  9.  about 1 hour 6 mins too long


    first let me say i was (and still am) a big fan of futurama.
    this film does have some really funny moments but the plot has been stretched to within an inch of its life and its obvious. the whole point of futurama was that it made you laugh out loud every 30 seconds buit because of all the "story" and "plot" its about 5 mins between every laugh.

    this really should have been made into a one off (22 min) episode or at best a two parter, there is quite simply not enough plot or jokes to sustain 88 mins.

    wait til this is sold at a budget price before you get it. otherwise you will feel robbed....

    i did warn you.