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  1.  nah..............back to the drawing bored


    sorry this is gonna be a bad one i'm affraid. we seem to be copying, or going down the same route as hed kandi on part of this album, i actually forgot i was listening to clubbers guide. we want banging anthems not toe tappers. we want hard rocking up there club beats not the wind up to the club smooths. sort it out and get back to wot ya know. clubbers guide for clubbers, leave hed kandi well enough alone and let them do their thing

  2.  the worst so far


    The only reason i'm giving them 2 stars is cos i feel bad for giving them just 1. I listened to this twice over to see if there was something that would change my mind. Nope its true, i'm not fooling myself. It's the worst mash up so far. Bad show 'cut up boys'. Better luck next time

  3.  Good but all over far, far too quickly....


    Good album, listened to it a couple of times now but all these new debut artists seem to wanna whip the carpet from under you, you get into it and it's over. whats up with that. good tho but please give us more and longer for our hard earnt cash.....

  4.  EH!!!!!!


    I was playing this album and didn't even notice it had finished and didn't even think about what i was listening to. Yes i gave it more than one try. But..... EH!!!!! If you're gonna do a debut make sure it comes out and smacks your listeners right in the lughole.....

  5. 19


    Adele - CD

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     If there's a 2nd album for her, i hope they don't rush it...


    This girl is a joy to listen to, she is fantastic, hauntingly brilliant in some cases, however it seems they wanted her in and out of the recording studio in a day, just as you get into this album, it's finished. more please, but with a little more time spent on it.



    these are awesome in all sense of the word, i was working at the warehouse one day and heard one of their songs and asked my colleague what it was, he told me, i got the album, i listened intently, i liked i liked. and now every time i stick it on the old love amp and pump those speakers up it sends shockwaves through my cerebral senses and i get something i didn't get before. GET THIS ALBUM

  7.  Well it's original...


    i'm very picky about these new bands, don't like to make a scene, these guys have won me over. BIG TIME. i can't describe why but the music and the general sound and shape of the band have something to do with. GET THIS ALBUM

  8.  i get the feeling that this is a sound i've heard before....


    good sound but these bands seem to be using the same guy to be lead singer. is it me or is the "indie" scene becoming a bit samey?

  9.  Dunno!!!


    really really wanted to like this one, however i'm again stuck in a place where i've heard something like this before. i'd liken it to the fratelli's and a few other bands of recent times i've heard. maybe i need to listen to it a bit more but there are so many bands out there that they are starting to sound the same

  10.  BRAVO, ENCORE!!!!


    Very talented, i'm very dubious about new "talent" at the moment because i'm afraid that alot of new "bands" are starting to sound the same, however this one blew me out the water. would very much recommend and advise for maybe a nice chilled out summer evening.