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  1.  one of the best cases for the vita


    i dont usely do review of items on here but was so happy with this item i wonted to help peopel find the best case for there vita

    first the price is rely good for what you get most cases i have seen for this price are soft and wont protect your littel psvita allso most of the good cases are rely big this is a hard case and is about the same size as the vita
    in this pack you allso get a rubber case to go round your psp and a screen protecter wich are very good and easy to fit

    personly i think this one of the best case i have seen for this system and you get some good stuff for your money very happy with it thanks venom

  2.  what a card for the price


    this is a great card rely powerfull plays crysis maxed out on my i3 @3.20 and lots of games was abel to play on high setings if your buying this card it needs 500 w psu with a pci x16 its better to be safe then sorry but rely happy with this card

  3.  great game as real as you well get to war


    I loved the first one on pc rely got you stuck in and made you feel like you were ina fire fight and this one do to but a bit better the sounds you get when enemys are fireing at you littel things make this game great like the sound of bullets flying bast your head and hiting the cover your in mud and blood flying up at your face the command are esay now just one button not for peopel who like to run in fireing like crazy o no but a great game



    This is rely good for the money the 3 games are very good and great fun buy it go on you no you wont to

  5.  great demo


    Man this game is good played the demo great fun and looks kick ass i love the cover system and the way every one moves around just like rely you wont get any better than this buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  6. Manhunt 2

    Manhunt 2

    Playstation Portable

    4 New from  £12.66  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £9.21

     good fun great psp game


    This is a good game looks rely good for a psp game was playing this for hours buy it you well love it

  7.  best war game ever love it


    Well what can i say this game kicks ass it looks out of this world game play is fun and get you thinking and the gore rely makes you think what guns can do to peopel and how much they hat to go thour buy this its the best

  8.  the best game in the world


    well i say this to all my friends this is the best game ever in the world this is the only game that i love this much buy it its the best

  9.  its very good


    well what can i say its a great game i had so much fun playing this one its a bit short but the levels well have you comeing back for more i love the levels and the game play is so good get this one if u love fps its a great game buy it