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  1.  Great Action Horror with excessive Fanservice


    Your enjoyment of this show will greatly depend on your toleration/love for fanservice.

    The animation in this 12 episode series is superb all the way through. I'm a big horror fan, and there was plenty to love here for fans of gore and needless bloodsplilling. It's not a scary show, but instead an over the top approach to what a zombie outbreak would be like.

    One thing that breaks or makes this series is it's excessive fanservice. If you are into that sort of stuff you'll love this series but if you're the kind of person who rolls their eyes at panty shots and jiggly breasts you'll find it hard to sit through this one.

    Overall this is a great deal packed together with the OVA and I really recommend this for any visual horror fan.

  2.  Very good


    I read some mixed reviews about this movie, but i really enjoyed this very much. The animation is really fluid, a bit better then then the animation in the tv series. The story is well paced and there isn't a boring minute. you could complain that the battles are too short in comparison to what you got to expect from the series. Almost an oversimplification, but it does speed up the pace of the movie, which keeps it enjoyable even for non-Naruto fans. Well worth buying at the current price! There's a fun 10 minute short included on the disc aswell, which is silly but a good laugh.
    *If you are new to Naruto- for the love of God, watch this in japanese with dubs. English dubbing really dumb down the characters.

  3.  Great


    I really enjoyed this. Pervy sage is just really fun and it's a nice break from the fighting, but when the fighting resumes you're blessed with a great fight between neji and Naruto, Kishimaru's fight is suprisingly entertaining aswell :D Only one complaint, we want more Naruto! :D

  4.  Absolutely brilliant


    This is one of my favourite anime of all time. I love the art direction on this one. The backgrounds are all done in 3D and the characters are cell shaded. It just looks so fresh and no other movie has even come close this one on a visual level not even EX Machina. In Ex Machine the 3D looks better but the characters are no longer simple cell shading, and in a way lost it's "freshness". Besides that the story is a rollercoaster, from one action scene to another and a deep interesting story carrying through it. U will will absolutely love Deunon, she is cool, sexy and even to today's female characters in anime she still stands strong. Anyway buy this movie and then buy Vexille too which is really good aswell.

  5.  gets better once the story kicks off


    The opening narrative sets up an interesting plot. Japan in the future is completely cut off from the rest of world from trade, communication, satelite surveillence,... The story takes place 10 years after Japan's isolation. After the narrative, the creators throw some random action scenes (seriously aren't we all getting tired of seeing a SWAT-like team crash through windows in slow mo?) at us that didn't seem to advance the plot as much and I didn't think the movie would be my taste. But the plot really thickens,and once we lose the bio suits and needless gun firing I really got involved into the characters and the plot. From then on I was enjoyably watching everything unfold with much better action sequences that lead to a satisfying ending. I only wish I bought this on blu ray, because this is a movie with so much detail, the colorscheme felt a bit boring at times which distracted from the story, so I can only imagine this would "pop" more in hi-def. Overall I really enjoyed the movie, and if you are watching this movie please sit through the first 25 minutes because it all gets much better after that,

  6.  Highly enjoyable


    The animatrix combines 6 short stories made by some of the top animation houses in Japan. It's just so refreshing to see so many unique styles come together, each giving awayone piece of the puzzle. It just shows the true potential of the matrix, which was touched on in the first movie, but let down in the 2 sequels.
    Any avid fan of animation should own this in their collection regardless if you are a fan of the Matrix or not.

  7. JCVD



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     Absolutely amazing


    When it says "Van Damme's best movie in 15 years" they are right. But people thinking that this movie returns our action star to his roots are wrong. This is a completely different type of movie. It's clever, well written, beautifully shot and shows Van Damme as the person he is, not the action star we all know. It's one of the best movies I've seen this year, and it's good to see that Van Damme has left his pat behind and is ready to deliver great movies on a more mature level. Unlike guys like Stallone and Schwarzenegger who are trying to relive their moments of the glory days with poor movies like Rocky Balboa and Terminator 3.

  8.  Better then a trip to the modern art gallery


    This is the first time I watched this movie as an adult and wow! This movie has some of the most amazing design in an animation movie ever. The backgrounds burst with detail and style, and the animation is so smooth and realistic. You can compare how good this movie looks in blu-ray in the special features where they show you the original footage. Mindblowing! Like somebody else said, this looks like it was drawn yesterday. I don't think I've ever seen the colors as bright on my HD tv as when I watched this. There's some very interesting special features especially if you are an art appreciator or love animation in general. A must own!

  9.  Artwork doesn't match story


    I was really excited for this release as I was highly anticipating Dead Space for PS3. I watch the animated comics aswell which were a joy to watch thanks to the art of Steve Niles (30 days of night). This movie however is a dissapointment. I thought the story was ok (if not predictable) but the cartoon is drawn in the style of the old x-men cartoons. That was all good back in the 90s, but with animation setting new standards every decade this is starting to look dated. But more annoying it made the cool monsters and gore scenes look childish. This would've definitly been much better if this was a 3D movie. It's worth a watch if you're as mad as me about Dead Space, but I wouldnt invest 20 bucks for this film.

  10.  Thumbs up


    This is a pure action flick. I haven't seen as many explosions in one movie for a long time. The reason I picked this one up is because Edward Norton plays the role as Banner. The opening scene is easily one of my favourites in the film, set in the rio favela, there's some amazing shots of the city in which banner outruns The Generals' force. Norton and Taylor fit the roles perfectly and you really feel for their characters, the film kinda loses me when it switches over to CGI. It's still enjoyable action, but you lose complete sense of the Hulks' character during those moments.

    For those looking for special features it has exactly the same features as the double disc edition on DVD with an online feature to chat while you watch the movie.
    The end promises a good start for the second Hulk, I just hope Norton signs up for this sequel.