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  1.  Very good


    Awesome i must say and worth the read, once i started to read one i could'nt stop myself from reading the next one lol, if you like the films then you will like the books more



    A very good game and well worth the money, I've nether played a adventure game like this, and thought the whole psychological thriller was done in such a good angle that it would put any good thriller film to shame, the graphics were out of this world for a point and click adventure game and running with that was the sfx and nicely done music to complement it on its merry way through out the game, If a complete and utter head trip is what you want and leaves you craving more this game is or you....

  3.  Not too bad


    For someone who has'nt played a good adventure game in a while this was breath of fresh air not as good as the broken sword point and clickers but good none the less, but there are some flaws in the game which can get annoying slow movement through each scene with the main lead yes its true he runs slower then my oldest relative lol Load screens also are a pain there needed to be cut scenes for these parts really just so you dont get to stressed, But this game is worth a look, due to the well put togther story line through out the game and it is set in the future 2044 but they hav'nt gone over the top with cars that can fly which is good as it makes the you feel like that could be a possable future, Good fresh and rich graphics for its time, some places in the game the music can be annoying sfx I liked as quite alot of the time in adventure games the sfx can drown out voice acters and miss important clues in games but not this one which was good, also if you consider buying this game its worth patching with the 1.01 patch as it helps later on a oil rig platform.



    This game is the by far the most awfull adventure game I've ever played and heres why, Terrible voice audio for caracters in the game and completed within four hours of play and to top it off puzzles? what puzzles!!! and you have to deal with a horrible first person view, it maybe wise to read this first before thinking of buying.....

  5.  It was alright


    Ok this game is good and at the same time its not, the concepts good the story line was'nt too bad, but the graphics and the caracters A.I terrible it was like playing the original medal of honour and it didnt even have a decent rag doll effect, besides the crappy graphics and the awfull A.I the levels are fun and when you finally get into the game its over as theres about nine levels Ive given this 3 stars maybe if there were more levels I would have given more, I hope they make a sequel to this with more levels as this was fun to play