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  1.  Certainly patriotic but great none the less


    This is a film to be enjoyed. Action sequences of hand to hand combat as well as bigger set pieces, and moments that bring a lump to the throat. I'd forgotten just how good this film is, and in HD it looks brilliant. Nothing quite like Americans seeing the Brits as the enemy...

  2.  Visually stunning


    Quite simply, this film is a masterpiece by Ridley Scott, a modern classic to rival epics from era's past. Every detail comes together with nothing letting the side down. The plot moves along with pace and intreague, the acting is deeply powerful, and the soundtrack is one of the best ever produced, swelling with pride and mourning with disaster.

    It is no surprise that it won best picture, best actor, best sound, best visual effects and best costume design at the Academy Awards in 2001.

    As a visual feast on standard definition, this hi def version is just a delight to the eyes, worth getting even if you already have the SD version.

    Anyone who hasn't seen this film should buy it and enjoy the battles, the love, the despair and the hope, whilst those that have should buy it anyway and enjoy the hi def spectacular.

  3.  Good film


    This is a film with a good story and good performances. Mickey Rourke is very believable as a former top wrestler trying to relive his former glory, but having to deal with the reality of declining health and financial woes.

    I wouldn't say that it shows off hi def to it's full potential, but it does have some nice moments during some of the wrestling matches. Definately a film worth getting, but whether the blu ray is worth the extra money is debatable.

  4.  Honourable effort


    Despite not being a fan of chick flicks, I found this to be an enjoyable film. It had some truly laugh aloud moments. There is great chemistry between Patrick Dempsey and Michelle Monaghan in the lead roles.

    Theres also something about including stereotypical Scots in a film. Finally, it also includes one of the final screen performances by Sydney Pollock before his death, and he puts in an excellent performance, if in a small part, as Dempsey's 6 times married father.

    If you like chick flicks you'll find this an enjoyable hour and 40 minutes, but even if your not usually a fan of the genre, this has enough humour in it to not make it drag.

  5.  Could have been much worse


    I think to start with it's important to say that this isn't really a remake of the original, its more of a new film that pays homage to a classic. The original was a very British affair, and this is very American. Not that that is a good or bad thing, its just a fact.

    Its a pacy film, where it'll reach the end before you notice you've been sitting there for over an hour and a half. Mark Wahlberg puts in a fine performance as Charlie, and has good chemistry with the beautiful Charlize Theron. The main disappointment for me was the performance of Ed Norton, one of the finest actors around currently. You can tell that he was forced into taking the movie due to contract commitments with Paramount, as he just doesn't seem to fit the role.

    All in all its a pretty good action movie, but perhaps should have been called 'The American Job' instead to stop it from being compared.

  6.  Great man, great band, great music


    I had the pleasure to see Jimmy Burns play live in a blues club in Chicago, and bought this album from his wife at the interval. Its a great live set of upbeat blues, and a perfect introduction to the Chicago scene. I would fully recommend this to anyone, and if your in Chicago take the time to find out if he's playing as you won't be disappointed.

  7.  If you enjoyed the original..


    ..then you'll definately enjoy this as its basically the same film again but with a slightly different plot. The action is there, the humour is there, and as previously said the additions of Helen Mirren and Ed Harris is an excellent move.

    The pace of the film keeps it from from ever becoming boring, and Cage puts in a decent performance as Ben Gates. All in all this was a very enjoyable film which all ages can appreciate.

  8.  A good family film


    This is certainly a good film that can be enjoyed by the whole family, as it takes the line that films such as Shrek have by including moments that adults find funny. There are some genuinely funny moments, but as a whole its a bit too cliché.

    The idea of cartoon characters suddenly finding themselves in the real world is nicely dealt with, but has been done before. I would highly recommend this film to those with kids, as its probably more enjoyable for adults when watching it with them.

  9.  A different kind of thriller


    The fact that this is based on a true story makes it all the more interesting, with Crowe and Pacino putting in excellent performances. Admittedly, the first half an hour does drag rather, and it would be easy to turn off and miss out. However, that would be a big mistake to make as it bursts into life after Crowe's character's life and position has been explained.

    I say this is a different kind of thriller, and this is because it doesn't lead to an all guns blazing shoot out at the end of the film. This doesn't mean that it loses the tension that a good thriller needs, with death threats made against the family keeping these levels high.

    All in all its a very good film, that can be viewed as a stand alone thriller, or as the true story that it portrays.

  10.  Fractured? Not at all


    This is an enjoyable film to watch, and as people have said before it does offer Anthony Hopkins in a Hannibal-esk role. He plays a villianous character superbly, offering eloquence and evil in equal measures. Ryan Gosling also gives a polished performance in his role as a DA prosecutor.

    The film isn't without flaws, such as the accents fluctuating between strong and absent, but these are minor problems in a film that offers intreague at every turn.