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  1.  cannot believe this is the directorial debut of Ben Drew!


    If, like me, you are not down with the kids enough to get all the lingo, you may find it a bit hard to get into this. However once you get passed that this is a great film about modern life in Britain for the youth...
    It's shot very documentary style, and also almost has a sense of being a musical, as the urban songs laced through the film match the scenes perfectly and the lyrics to the songs are superb too, even if you are not a fan of this style of music you can certainly appreciate how important the songs are to this film.
    There are some truly desperate characters and situations explored through the story but there is a good sense of redemption towards the end.
    There are some good extras too - especially a very inspirational speech by Ben Drew to an audience of students, in which he describes the meaning behind and the reason for making the film.

  2.  The best british film since Harry Brown


    This film is very hard to watch in parts but at the same time is mesmerising. Although all the performances are great, Olivia Coleman is fantastic. This film explores the themes of all great stories: love, regret, despair and redemption.

  3.  The scariest film in years...


    Much better than the first 2 films - the tension is spread throughout the film rather than just toward the end. The only disappointment with this blu-ray is the lack of extras. Although I guess technically there isn't much to it, it would be interesting to see how they got the 2 little girls to act these roles.
    The last 10 minutes of this left me rather disturbed...looking forward to number 4!

  4.  Still the best Vietnam War movie...


    This remains my favourite vietnam film - mainly because it drew on many of writer/director Oliver Stone's personal experiances. It also showed that the American soldiers were not all heroes and that there was suffering on all sides.
    Sadly the picture quality has not been given the treatment it deserves. In fact in some of the night-time scenes I would say it could be worse than the DVD picture. The sound isn't massively improved either.
    Regarding the extras, for some reason the 50 minute documentary that was included on the special edition DVD is missing here. On the other hand the new-to-blu ray extras are pretty impressive - especially a very moving feature where real vietnam vets watch the movie then compare it to their own experiances. Ovarall I would say that the new extras make up for the poor quality of the transfer, but it's a close call...

  5.  Classic film, OK blu ray...


    Everyone knows the story by now...
    You just want to know if it's worth replacing your DVD, right?
    Well, the picture quality is a definite improvement. The sound is a bit better than the DVD but not worth getting excited over.
    The extras: all the DVD extras are present. There is a new feature-length documentary (showing how everyone has aged!) which goes over key moments of the film, but some of this does repeat what was in the original extras. Then again this is the case with many blu ray releases...it's probably still worth getting this on blu ray tho.

  6.  Great film - deserves a better HD version!


    If you already have the 'Immortal' edition on DVD then don't buy this. I accept that the film was made in the eighties - however I have seen much better blu-ray upgrades of older films. The film is grainy and the new '5.1' sound is no better than the original DVD. There're also hardly any additional extras since the last DVD edition.

  7.  If it bleeds, we can kill it!


    I'm shocked that some reviewers have complained about the picture quality on this release. This is the most crystal-clear picture I have yet seen on a blu-ray, far better than the DVD. And unlike many blu rays the quality is uniform thoughout the whole film. I wouldn't say that the sound is much better than the DVD but the picture is certainly flawless.
    As for the extras, there is a new brief documentary on the legacy of this cult classic - but otherwise the same as the 2 disc DVD. But forget the extras - this blu-ray is all about the picture!

  8.  Life will find a way - onto glorious Blu-Ray.


    I was a little disappointed with the picture quality of the first film, however the new 7 channel sound is awesome on all 3 films, even if you have only 5 speakers like me. The picture quality is definitely better on the 2nd and 3rd films. Although for some reason the picture ratio on JP3 has been cut. You don't lose much of the action in doing this, it just seems odd.
    All of the original DVD extras are here along with new interviews and behind the scenes footage, which consists mainly of the late, great Stan Winston's animatronics. The new extras don't add a whole lot of value to the release, the best thing as I mentioned is the new sound.

  9.  A must-have for any self-respecting horror fan!


    Still one of the all-time great horror films. I agree with the other reviews about the picture quality not being any better than the DVD. However you must appreciate that this film is nearly 40 years old! There is only so much restoration that can be done...
    Besides the re-mastered sound more than makes up for the poor picture (and rightly so since the sound won an Oscar). As well as being much clearer than the DVD, the surround sound is split fantastically throughout the film - very blatently in some parts and very subtle in others. I could pick things out that I'd never heard at all before.
    The extras are also terrific: amongst them a new documentary consisting largely of on-set footage, which has been well-edited so that it doesn't go over the same ground covered by the original 'Fear Of God' documentary on the original DVD. Speaking of which, I'm glad that the old documentary has been included in full here (ie same as the VHS release) because there was about 20 minutes missing on the DVD version.
    Plus, of course, you get 2 versions of the film. i still can't decide which I prefer but this release has to be the ultimate version either way.

  10.  awesome film, disappointing Blu ray...


    Any movie-lover will already have this in their DVD collection - most likely the 2 disc collectors edition. If so then unfortunately you will not benefit much from this blu ray release. The picture quality is only really improved on about a third of the film (no pun intended) and the sound isn't much better either. The bulk of the special features were also on the 2 disc DVD version as well, so the only real benefit is you get all 3 versions of the film here.