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  1.  Changed my mind


    My old review is now moot, because 4 months after buying this seemingly flawless item, and it now doesn't work.
    Plug it in and it won't power up at all, it is dead. Tried different usb ports and cables, different computer, but no life.
    Maybe mine was an isolated case, but I'm letting everyone know that not all units are perfect, and its happened too late to return, but too early to feel like I've had my moneys worth, and £50 is hard to ignore.....

  2.  Good game, but doesn't feel right


    A decent game in its own right, but it doesn't compare to double agent and chaos theory. This one is more action based, to attract a wider audience, but splinter cell has always been about stealth! You can blast your way through this game (like I did) with guns because the stealth aspect plays second banana.
    The story is intriguing as always, and Sam's character is played out brillantly, and I do like the noir objectives plastered over the scenery and flashback videos playing on the walls, and the controls are well thought out.
    However, the graphics let the game down. They are not lush or rounded, feels cheap and old.
    Overall, a bit of a let down from previous titles.

  3.  Far, far better than the movie, great book


    I bought this after seeing the Wachowski brothers mediocre movie, and it was amazing! The graphics conjure up a bleak forbidding future of neo fascism. The characters are all well rounded and believable, both villains and heroes. Great story, poweful and original, puts the movie and its classic americanised liberalism to shame with its message of anarchy and terror. Couldn't put it down, and its easily as brilliant as Watchmen (which I loved). Buy

  4.  Fun at first...


    After getting used to the controls and gameplay, it is fun and fresh with cute characers for you to torment. However, it quickly becomes tiresome and repetitive. As you progress, new enemy bears will arrive, but the game still plays the same. Also, a major theme of the game it terrify your victims, but the 'super scares' are idential no matter how you have distraced them (spin them around and yell at them). Thats all that happens.
    No real replay value, its not really worth buying unless you have no other games to buy.

  5.  Best Yu Gi Oh DS game


    By far the most fun and addictive of DS Yu gi oh games. Good characters, proper game rules, you will spend hours playing, coming up with strategies and creating your own original deck to challenge others over wi-fi

  6.  Solid western shooter


    Fun game, plays like a classic shooter featuring a cool slow motion 'kill en all' mode.
    The story isn't massively brilliant, as the cutscenes pretty much set you up for gun fight after gunfight, but the action is quick and intense and the backdrop is detailed.
    Not a difficult game on average difficulty, its a reasonable distraction that has a tendency to bore after long play.

  7.  Addictive!


    A simple yet fun puzzle game. The objective is to rotate the 'blocks' so you can match three in a row and elimate those, causing a fresh batch to 'drop' into the playing grid. The type of game is a popular classic, and this is a cute japanese take on it.
    Visually, the blocks are in the shape of animal heads, so you'll be attempting to match up lions, pandas etc. It looks very pleasing and kitschy, which adds to its appeal.
    Controls are easy, using the d-pad or stylus to select your animal block and pressing the one next to it to rotate them.
    The game features about five different modes, so it gives you some variety from the main mode. Also, its 2P and capable of download play, so you only need one cartridge.
    This is one of those games that you pick up and play when you need a break from immersive RPG's and other games and want some fun.

  8.  A fun and unique game


    A very fun game, playing as a lawyer, attempting to prove your client is innocent by cross-examining witnesses and presenting evidence.
    Visually, the game is presented in traditional anime style, with wacky facial expressions when needed.
    The controls are easy to pick up as you simply use the stylus for most things, besides the option to yell 'Objection' etc into the mic.
    The cases are interesting and the game does require attention to detail, as a tiny flaw in the prosecution could mean a win or fail.
    As a final note, this game is quite rare to find brand new as they longer produce it, so DS collectors take note!

  9.  Does it work?


    Could I use this package to replace my speedtouch adsl USB modem from tiscali?

  10.  The best from a top 80's group!


    Echo & the Bunnymen, their best work. From the classic 'Killing Moon', which opened Donnie Darko, to early hit 'The Cutter' this is a must have. All the tracks rock! Its neo-psychedelic, alt rock, synthpop, everything good about 80's music on one record. Buy it, settle down, and put it on. You will enjoy it