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  1. inFamous



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     a major let down


    I am with the few on this one, in my opinion one of the biggest let downs apart from the terminator salvation game. For games that are exclusives you expect a lot of effort to be put into them, they are meant to push the sales of consoles they represent. Especially with a price tag like the "P$3" you'd think they'd put alot of money and time into a game like this for the reason mentioned. Personally i think it felt rushed, for the obvious reason of getting it out before Prototype which in my opinion is by far a better quality of game AND it's not an exclusive!

    But as for the game itself, it promised huge amounts of gameplay hours and the interesting feature of playing as good and evil, unfortunately they failed in most respects....epic fail. I felt the story line didnt differ from good or evil enough apart from attacking innocents in one and helping them in the other and the look of the abilities changing but really they were just the same. I got bored very quickly because of what i like to call "assassin's creed syndrome" by which i mean its repetativeness, once you had done a mission or side mission there were many others that felt the exact same but with different dialogue etc. You would of thought they'd have learnt from assassin's creed, but obviously not.

    As i said a major let down that i feel sony lovers have hyped up to give the "P$3" validation that it just has not yet proven yet. Come on sony by thinking of the players you can make more money than just coming up with blatent money making schemes.

  2.  Not the best but worth a play


    I havent played the multiplayer so i cannot comment, however the single player was most enjoyable and good for any level of gamer. Medium setting had challenging moment but made it fun to play through and then the hardest setting made thing a real challenge for the more serious gamer.

    I felt this was a game that drew you in but you didnt need to play continuously to get the full potential out of it, meaning you could pick it up and put it down without loosing continuity or focus on the mission at hand making the playability longer.

    Being able to upgrade weapons and powers was a nice touch, that is definitely needed however some upgrades seemed to be a bit of a waste of money but of course you can always sell them back and some of the powers i never used.

    a great game with some fine points lacking but great for most levels of gamers.

  3.  Best game i've played in a while


    I actually give this game 4 and a half stars and i will explain why. It is an absolutely amazing game and as it says above, one of the best i've played in a long time, once you've got glide and dash (which i advise getting first) it is so quick and fun to get around. You could quite easily spend a session playing this game doing nothing but skyscraper hoping in search for the collectibles and spotting web of intrigue targets. The weapons and abilities are varied with something for al occassions and cover all types of players from those that prefer brute strength to the lovers of speed and agility.

    The bonus missions are great fun and don't feel repetative within the different types as each one takes a slightly different twist and they can be quite addictive for those adament to get gold awards.

    Now i didnt give it 5 stars for two very small reasons, nothing to turn you off of the game just things to point out in my opinion. Firstly the helicopter is the worst vehicle in the game in my opinion, a pain to get rid of when facing them but always a fun challenge. Yet when you get to use them (especially in the bonus missions) they seem far too weak on both offensive and defensive but that may be just me. And they other point is the sheer amount of abilities, i did feel there may have been just a little too many sometimes and you often forget how to do them all, you will have your favourite combinations but sometimes certain ones can be useful and you forget how to do them.

    But overall an absolutely suberb game and worth every penny!

  4.  so much potential


    This game for the first city was quite incredible bar the same old side missions everytime and of course i can't forget interogations, what was the point of them? Really?!

    The problem was the repeatitivness, everything was very much the same after having done it once with so many little floors, such as not being able to leap off buildings to do air assassinations that you can still suposedley do, jumping off in random directions every now and again but the worse thing was you never have to attack an enemy, learn to counter and you've won. The ninja stars were one hit kills and well i think i've said enough.

    It was incredible that you could scale almost everything and kill absolutely anyone, but when you get away so easily and dont have to attack an enemy, it leaves a lot to be desired.

    I would say worth a play but now just wait for novemeber and assassin's creed II which looks like they have realised ALL of their mistakes.

  5.  You can't die?!?!?!


    This was a good game, felt like the old ones but with a much tighter fluidity to the game. Too short in some ways i feel, although you could spend a long time collecting every single last light orb but i didnt see the point as there wasnt a decent achievment or prize for doing so other than knowing you got to some of those near on impossible places.

    The fact you had to get the orbs after completing the level through once made it a bit boring i felt, having to once again trudge everywhere you had been 15 minutes ago.

    It was a good laugh and absolutely visually stunning to play and i would say to give it a play through but my one major niggle was the fact you could never die, not by falling of ledges, normal fights with the very occasional creature but not even during boss fights, they just gain back half of their health which you had taken since the last times they got a major hit on you.

    Fun with some interesting puzzles but quite dissapointing.

  6.  Bringing the sims back to life


    Imagine all the good elements of the sims 2 with expansions into a slicker, funner version..........bringing you The Sims 3.

    There are many elements cut out which some may find dissapointing, such as looking after babies is much easier but the elements building on the currently stretched thin franchise have really bought it back to life. Time passes a little slower meaning you can do more with your life (with a lot more to do) and by having the entire town in one seemless environment it is no longer a chore to go anywhere and feel you cant be bothered to leave your own home.

    The trait system is amazing, even by having negative traits such as heavy sleeper brings a new depth and challenge to the game. Using various combinations of traits now leads to a selection of 5 ultimate goals in either getting to the highest job in your career path but also lifestyle wants like living in the lap of luxury and these give you massive bonuses to your lifetime points once achieved to be spent on additional traits and bonus items etc.

    There are so many new elements to the game i could write an essay but i will leave it by saying The Sims 3 has bought the franchise back to life, the only down side is the amount of content you will have to buy from the sims 3 website with a credit card to change into simoleons to then buy and download new items and hairstyles etc. But the bog standard game from purchase is enough to keep you amused for a very long time!

    A must buy for any sims fan and even those of you who never got round to the others, it is sure worth a play.

  7.  actually about 3 and a half stars


    Tied between giving 3 or 4 stars. The price is unbeatable for a a 2.1 speaker setup and perfect to enhance laptop sound which otherwise would be terrible and limited volume. Do find a squeally noise every now and again but the quality does diminish after a certain volume but cannot beat the price and definitely worth it until you can afford something better.

  8.  brilliant for pc/laptops


    all new games on your pc/laptops will be able to interface with a wired xbox controller and for certain games have a controller makes life a lot easier, i got it to play HAWX and made my life easier than fidley pc controls.

    And for pc and xbox a like, not only do use save money and power but not needed batteries etc but for those hardcore gamers out there the extra few milli seconds response time from wired controllers can make all the difference.

  9.  excellent game, better than the film!


    i was so shocked at how billiant this game really was, a nice number of different ahcievments combined with some awesome combo's. The only bad thing was that if in doubt just lunge! But other than that some of the brutal finishing moves and fast paced action made this game a fun and overall decent gameplay experience.

  10.  too short but rather cool


    This game was far too short and rather dissapointing i felt, not terrible and the fact you could bend bullet is always incredibly fun and most useful at points. The price of the game was rather steep and kind of felt that the "free" film was included in the price. The fact you go back to the same level a fair few times meant i felt a little cheated with the content but overall was a fun game to play with some brilliant element but far too short!