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  1.  A Great debut


    Can't say much more than above reviewer other than this was one of those films that takes you by the scruff of the neck into some dark places. Marina de Van is simply magnificent in this film and though extreme its a gem of a film.

  2.  Style over content?


    This is a film full of style- the droning music, the nauseous twisting camera angles, the strobe effects, the one shot scenes and the horrendous violence. I watched it knowing alot about it so thats always a risk - but beyond this style girl gets brutally raped and lovers take equally brutal revenge - all summed up rather poetically at the start and the finish by 'time destroys everything'. Which is fine. But I failed to connect with the characters and I felt the film lacked pathos. I found the 'pregnant twist' a little predictable and the stereotyping of homosexuals as depraved violent masochists over the top; as was the ultra violent rape scene after which the film dwindles to a somewhat unsatisfying end or start - depending how you look at it.

  3.  Play it again Harmonica Man


    From the chilling start and the amazing cinematography through to one of the greatest endings to a movie I have ever seen this is a work of art. Leone's finest moment, Bronson's finest moment, Fonda's finest moment and Morricone's finest moment. The echoes of the Harmonica as the harbinger of death still send shivers down my spine.

  4.  Good stuff!!


    I love the Bourne movies- When I saw Identity I was blown away. Supremacy took it to another level and I couldnt wait to see this final (?) installment. Slick, fast paced and classy it does further justice to the series that indirectly saved James Bond. the only reason I didnt give it 5 stars was that it seemed to retread its predecessors particularly Supremacy, it was a little short on originality compared to the first two and for the first time I felt a Bourne movie was not flawless (like why didnt the assassin finish Bourne off after car bomb?). Nevertheless I still loved it and it completes the best action movie series of all time.

  5.  Good to hear them again


    At last a new Cult album. Overall I enjoyed it, Astbury's vocal has deepened and is a little more fragile than the days of Love, Electric, Sonic Temple but I liked that and it still struts through this album. Duffy's guitar is still rocking. The openers are anthemic Cult trademarks and Citizens seems to have a riff or two from Rain. Diamonds is a disappointment but then the high point of the album- Dirty Little Rock Star borrows from Love removal machine but is never the less a classic. Unlike the dawsonator I loved Holy Mountain- Astbury in Morrison form and a great rock ballad. The rest of the album is pure Cult bombast - (Is he going on about Terrorhawks in Tiger in the SUn (?)) although track 7 reminds me of Sanctuary a little. Lots of Astbury trademarks 'Shake your hips baby', great Duffy riffs, thumping bass make it a recommended buy.

  6.  Another gem from Khaled Hosseini


    I am already eagerly awaiting his next book. I wasnt particularly interested in Afghan history and life until I was tempted by the magnificent Kite Runner. This book continues a growing insight into a country few of us know or have experienced unless we are holding a rifle and herein lies the tragedy. A country having had such a violent past and present only enters our daily lives when we debate whether our troups should be there. But I would implore you to read this book passionately written by an author with real love for what ultimatley is a beautiful country ravished by decades of war. The story is shocking, the backdrop terrifying, but all in all this is an uplifting life affirming achievement of a book and I just hope one day Afghanistan is free.

  7.  Expected more.


    I liked the synopsis of this book - it struck me as a little whacky and different. The protagonist's relationship and career are on the rocks and he starts behaving oddly - essentially a loner and a borderline alcholic there are lots of strange conclusions hes jumping to. I liked the way he came to some of these conclusions but after a while the book seems to stagnate a little and I found the ending a little flat and uninspiring.

  8.  A wonderful book....


    This was my first Faulks book I have read. Engleby, an enigma from the start, a drug user, a romanticist, a sage and a tragic fellow. Although I found it slow to start it gradually drew me in like all good books should. The way the book is presented - almost in diary foremat for the most gives you an insight into the frailties of the human condiition. On many occasions I closed the book and reflected on the thoughts of Engleby pertinent to us all. And I loved his musical observations - the scene in the record shop with the patronising assistant made me laugh so much probably because I related to it so much. Within all of this is a sad story of lost life and love and Engleby's apparent removal emotionally from what we would call 'normal' is moving. Most of all the twist in the tale and whether it was true or not left me breathless!!

  9.  Great book!!


    Like Estein 10 I saw the film first. Friends of mine insisted I read the graphic novel. Wow! If ever a film scratched the surface. Hard edged, thought provoking and full of great metaphors - this story of the V legend is far more in depth and intricate and thus far more rewarding for the reader than the one the film presented (despite Hugo Weavings brilliant portrayal). The web woven by V is a work of art and the questions it raises about personal freedom and our own self realisation (a thread I am picking up from Moores Watchmen at the moment)are to be commended. The support notes about the creation of V were a great addition- I now appreciate David Lloyds massive contribution even more- it was he who stumbled upon the Guy Fawkes idea-If you liked or even disliked the film you must read this book!!!

  10.  A modern Classic


    How do you follow an album like Mutter? Just ask the Germans they know!!! From the majestic intro of Reise Reise that makes you feel like you have just been wheeled out of a tunnel and into the belly of the Rammstein monster to the madness of Mein Teil, the fury of Keine Lust and the sardonic comedy genious of Amerika Rammstein have created another brilliant vehicle to wrench themsleves further toward world domination. Can you also forget the cool sillyness of Moskau and Til Lindemans tearful vocal on Ohne Dich. The ignorant x-factor generation want to label them as marginal german goth weirdos with an act based on fear- well they might be all of that but they also are far more creative, humourous and intelligent than mainstream pop today ever will be.