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  1.  Loved Killzone 2 and 3, poor multiplayer on this


    I loved the Killzones on the ps3 so picked this up at launch and the multiplayer that I loved on its predecessors is shocking, they have changed it to be like Call of Duty but to be honest if thats what you want why, wouldnt you just buy Call of Duty? Great graphics and an average story mode hence two stars but should have been a whole lot better.

  2.  Played this in USA yesterday, why oh why?


    1st Gears was great, second once they got the mutilplayer up and running was also great, Third was beginning to get tired and this is just plain overkill.

    The new modes Survival is a toned down version (10 waves) of Horde which is absent, this and Overun you can only play on four maps!!!Team Deathmatch is back but am i really meant to still be excited 7 years on from Gears 1 at running side to side with a shotgun. Free for all is dominated by teams of people who just stick together and kill everybody else.
    The campaign story is complete rubbish to shame as I liked Baird and Cole.

    On the plus side graphics are best in series but thats about it.

  3.  not as good as the other 2


    I loved gears 1 and 2 and bought both on release so getting this was a no brainer. And its a let down I was after a grand finale and this isnt it . The multiplayer is identical to two and the campaign is just boring after a while, the graphics that everybody raves over are also nothing special . Major disappointment

  4.  Awesome


    This has it all great graphics, loads of characters and going back to its 2d roots is an undeniable masterclass, its great for new and experienced players alike. And online is awesome a great game

  5.  Excellent


    The graphics are great, the gamplay is excellent and the multiplayer even better than its predecessor, overall despite the one player mode being undenyably short this is a must purchase game.

    The one thing I would say if i had to find a bad side is some like my brother may find the difficulty level a little tough to begin with.

  6.  Pointless


    I loved Halo 1-3 but this like ODST before it is just bungie cashing in on the Halo name before Microsoft boot them off it. Campaign is boring and have seen it all before now and the multiplayer is again seen it all before!!! There are no new ideas and to be honest given whats come out lately the graphics are shoddy, Halo when it first came out was new and differerent unfortunately its now old and stale. This should have really been a multiplayer pack for Halo 3 at best and left well alone.

  7.  Best FPS in a long time can't wait for Killzone 3


    This game has everything you could want great graphics, great sound and a fun multiplayer, the story could have been longer but the final level in Visrais palace is awesome, even if the last boss is laughably easy, you wont be disappointed. I even enjoyed it much more than Halo 3 and ODST which I didnt think possible.

  8.  Just why?


    I love Final Fantasy games so I was excited to get hold of this and once playing I just find myself being bored senseless. The game is so linear and boring that its almost an offence to think that this is a final fantasy game, if thats what you call it its more of a film with a few button presses here and there to progress it.

  9.  Terrible


    My headset went from working perfectly and the next second not working at all, the charge time is also way to high for the battery life this really should be avoided.