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  1.  Great achievement in piano rock!


    I bought The Fray's first album just over a year ago, and loved it. I even learnt Over My Head on piano. When I heard about this album coming out, I couldn't wait. The only slight dissapointment is the lenth, because it's only 43 minutes long. I guess I like it so much that I wanted more, but quality comes before quantity. It's very similar to the first album, but I'm not complaining like some reviews are. My favourite song is definitely 'Enough For Now,' but there's not 1 track on this album I dislike at all. For £7.99 on a brand new album release February 3rd 2009, you can't go wrong!

  2.  A good buy


    Clear quality sound makes games like Animal Crossing Wild World much more enjoyable. Not only can you play with friends, you can now chat to them whilst playing with this device.

    Yes, friendcodes are needed, But this provides extra security for those whose children could be at risk from people online (I think it's stupid too, but Nintendo have always been overprotective with kids).

    It's going to work on many games in the future, and is described as a community microphone as it allows a whole room of people to connect to another room of people, beating the 1 to 1 talking of a standard headset.

    A great and much needed peripheral for the Wii.

  3.  Amazing speakers!


    These speakers are worth every penny. They have quality bass, and the sound is overall very good. For £39.99, you won't get much better than this. I recommend buying these, as Phillips are a quality make, and these speakers have failed to disappoint me yet. I would give them 5 star, but I know there are better speakers out on the market at higher prices.

  4.  Possibly one of the greatest films I've seen!


    Well, I'm not a huge fan of Final Fantasy. I've played a couple of the games, nothing hardcore. But this film is pure excellence. Don't listen to the other reviewers, it's fairly easy to understand.

    The animation is better than you'll find on any current console. The characters look pretty lifelike, and the action sequences are amazing. The thing I love most though about this film is definitely the soundtrack, Nobuo Uematsu is just an amazing composer!

    I seriously reccommend you watch this film if Sci-Fi/Action/Animation is your cup of tea. If you've played Final Fantasy VII on the PS1, you'll love this even more as it contains most of the characters from it.

  5.  It works well...for 24 hours. :(


    This product was great when I got it. Had good transfer speeds and it's fairly small. But...I tried to plug it in the 2nd day and the green light just didn't come on. I'm now sending it back for a replacement.

    In answer to ScreechingDemon, yes it does work on Vista.

  6.  This cable sucks like hell...


    I've had a Wii since it launched n 2006, and I've always enjoyed my games on the old RGB cable. After getting a HDTV for Christmas, I decided to buy this cable which was cheaper than the official one. Big mistake...

    When this cable is connected, I find that it loses connecting every 15 minutes or so for a second or two, and then reconnects the Wii to my TV again. How annoying is that when I'm in a boss fight on Zelda and suddenly, the screen goes black so I have to pause it!

    I've e-mailed Joytech about this problem, and if it can't be fixed when I guess I'll fork over £20 for the official one. STAY CLEAR OF THIS PRODUCT. Joytech claim that gold plated cables provide maximum signal strenth. Yeah...right. Big lie there.

  7.  This is what the Wii was built for...


    Don't you just love those games in the arcade where you pick up the gun and shoot the targets on screen? Well, this game brings that experience home.

    I'm probably the biggest Resident Evil fan alive (in my opinion), but it doesn't take a biased opinion to realise that this game kicks butt! I love this game because it's not something you complete and sell, but instead it offers hours of endless replaying through levels to get higher scores. It also has an amazing storyline which is extremely detailed and thrilling. Most of the music is taken from previous games, and although it's not Mozart, it still adds to the scaryness that makes Resident Evil what it is.

    The graphics are fairly detailed, and play extremely well if you have a HDTV and the Wii Component Cable. This game also plays well with the Wii Zapper, as it adds to the realism of the game. In fact, this is what the Wii was built for. A game where pointing at the screen means more than just selecting options as seen in other games. But your hand-eye coordination and your ability to aim is really utalised in this game using the Wiis very own Wii Remote.

    Graphics - 8.5/10
    Sound - 7/10
    Storyline - 10/10
    Gameplay - 9/10
    Controls - 9.5/10

    Overall - 9.5/10

    Tjharwin's verdict: You should definitely purchase this game if you're a fan of on rail shoot-em-ups. If you enjoyed Resident Evil 4 however, it doesn't mean you'll like this game as they are completely different ball games. I still reccommend you give it a try, as you'll probably find to like it. A must for any Resident Evil fan.

  8.  A great official accessory, don't buy an unofficial one!


    I'll summarise this review in 5 easy points.

    1. The Wii Zapper is easy to hold and personally I think, gives a better aim.

    2. It creates more realism in games such as Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles.

    3. It comes packed with Link's Crossbow Training which can give hours of fun, trying to beat high scores.

    4. It's easy to attach and detach the Wii Remote, providing easy accessibility.

    5. It's fun to use, and is great for multiplayer if your friend has one.

    I seriously reccommend you buy this, as it's worth every penny. Don't waste your money on the unofficial ones, they're not as good quality.

  9.  Extremely poor


    Do NOT buy this game, even if you loved the film. It's boring, glitchy and horrifically badly put together.

    I suggest you buy The Legend Of Zelda Phantom Hourglass instead, it's well worth the £24.99.

  10.  Wii Remote actions at its best!


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    WII Games
    Spider-Man 3

    Customer rating: 4 out of 5 stars Wii Remote actions at it's best!

    Swinging through the city using the Wii Remote is great, it really feels like you're Spider-Man. The graphics are a little disappointing, but who bought a Wii for graphics? The fighting moves are great, and using the black suit really gives you that extra power boost. There is a wide range of enemies including the Lizard, Kraven the Hunter and Sheik. Not to mention Venom, Jr. Goblin and Sandman from the movie.

    This game is great for anyone who's a big Spider-Man fan, and the Wii Remote actions rock. If you're looking for graphics, buy it on the 360 or PS3.