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  1.  Simply amazing!


    I went to the theatre to see this with a friend and I was not let down. With the characters already established from the previous movie, we could just jump right into the action and fun. I did not have much of an opinion about Benedict Cumberbatch before, but I think he did an amazing job as the villain.
    There was some truly breath taking action sequences with stunning cgi, the usual funny remarks to lift the tension and a more put-together crew that knows each other much better now!
    I loved it and thought it was just as good as the first one!

  2.  Awesome Action


    I have now seen this twice and it is one of the most amazing action/sci-fi movies I've seen in a long time.
    The special effects are mind-blowing and so realistic. I loved the actors chosen for this movie and they did a great job of bringing this to life!
    What I really loved about this movie in all, was the fact that the threat didn't come from outer space, but from within our own planet and how the world needed to get together as one to fight back.
    Also, the music caught me from the first moment and I had to use the theme as my ringtone. I am definitely buying this bluray and I will watch it over and over!!

  3.  Amazing movie!!


    I saw this movie years ago, but loved it from the beginning... It took a little getting used to the French, but after 10 minutes, you don't think about it... I was lucky enough to see it on an HD channel a while ago and it's just beautiful - definitely worth buying on bluray!

    The fact that it's based on true events, just makes it even more interesting, and since it takes place in France, it would have been completely wrong to have it be in English...

    I highly recommend anyone to see it - a perfect mix of love, sex, friendship, hate, and violence...

  4.  Who needs a lovesick Jack Sparrow? Not me...


    I love the first three Pirates movies - and when I had the chance to see all 4 in a marathon I jumped at the occasion! It was really great seeing the movies on the big screen again, but I was really dissapointed with the fourth movie... The priest annoyed me like crazy and when he finally went out of the picture, I remember thinking - "who cares!" There just didn't seem any point in him being there...

    I've always loved Jack Sparrow, and I really think he can carry the movie on himself, but it bothered me, that he was so protective of Angelica... He's supposed to care about himself and just himself! As glad as I was to get rid of Elizabeth and Will - I found myself missing the tension between the three of them...

    I'm giving this 2 stars - one for Ian McShane, who is amazing as Blackbeard (and everything else he does!) and one for Johnny Depp - because if you left out Penelope Cruz, he's still Jack Sparrow...
    But I will not be buying this movie - it simply didn't leave me with the "WOW" effect that Thor did....

  5.  All hail the God of Thunder!


    I have seen this twice now (in 3D) and just love it! Great cast, amazing special and sound effects... It completely blew me away - a breathtaking adventure with a fine balance of science and magic... I highly recommend it to all who loves Marvel-based movies and a rollercoaster ride of action!

  6. Flood



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     A great movie, but why only the short version on bluray?


    I really love this movie... For one thing, it's British, which is very refreshing - second, it's got a great cast and some amazing effects... What really captures you is the fact that this could actually happen... The reason I'm giving it 4/5, is because it's the short version on bluray... I don't understand it - I have the 3 hour version on dvd and find it hard to believe that it's fulfilling enough in the bluray version - I mean there shouldn't be any problem fitting the whole movie on a bluray?!

    So - if you really want something out of this movie - buy the 3 hour dvd version! I bought it here for 5 or 6 pounds - highly recommendable!!!

  7.  Truly amazing


    I really don't understand all the fuss about this one! I just watched it last night and I loved it!! Not only is it beautiful on bluray, but the special effects are mindblowing... I'll admit I've never seen the animated series, but I thought the story was good, the actors well-chosen - all in all an amazing fantasy movie... I was certainly entertained, and to me - that's the most important thing!! (Crossing my fingers they'll make the sequels)

  8.  I like it - and can't be the only one!!!


    It's been a while, since I saw it, but I liked it... I've just read the two other reviews, and I can't figure out what was wrong with the effects... As far as I remember, they were pretty good... The story was really interesting to me - how one small error in the past can change the whole future!
    I never watch a movie with too high expectations, which is probably why I usually like the movies I watch... I don't expect anything more than to be entertained and I am...
    Don't be scared away from watching this movie - if nothing else, it makes you think about your actions now and how they can affect the future...

    If you'll excuse me, I'll go buy it now!!!

  9.  LOVED IT!!!


    I work in a movie store, so I've heard both good an bad about Epic Movie - so naturally I had to see it myself, to find out what all the fuss was about...
    I watched it with a friend of mine and from 2 minutes into the movie we didn't stop laughing.... I especially loved the:
    Jack Swallows? That's kinda gay, dude! line...

    Sure, it may not be the most intelligent movie out there, but it's really entertaining and what more could you want??

    I have desided to buy it at some point - because I definitely think it's worth seeing more than once... So - leave your brain in another room, and just sit back and relax to a really funny movie!
    P.S. No, I don't like everything - usually I'm really picky about these kinda movies - I haven't even seen American Pie! So, if I can appreciate this one, why not you??