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  1. Shame



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     Incredible film, not for everyone though!


    Let me start with this; Shame is an incredible film. Let me also say it is only for people who can watch explicit films as I'm sure you're aware the film is very sexually explicit.
    A brilliant character film which is a great look at a person so disgusted with himself yet totally unable to escape his problems which I'm sure we can all relate to in one way or another, if you can stand it I would check this film out, I've not seen anything like this. Michael Fassbender is awesome as Brandon and was totally overlooked come awards season (probably due to the content and story of the film).
    I've given the film 4 stars because I can tell it won't be for everyone but in my opinion it's a 5 star film, definitely worth a look, maybe check the trailer out first! Recommended watch, not for the easily offended

  2. Run



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     Run is fun!


    I was on holiday and this book was at the resort so I picked it up not knowing anything about it or the author. I can tell you it was a good decision! Run isn't a classic and it's not the most gripping book I've ever read but it sure is an enjoyable, fun read that'll take away your time! I have no complaints, I know it's not perfect, at times plot is a iffy and characters aren't great but because it's an enjoyable read I'm not bothered about it. I'd check it out, worth a look, nothing bad, nothing fantastic just a guilty pleasure to read through!

  3.  Interesting


    I watched this not really knowing much about it as I hadn't read the book! Boy is this an interesting film. It's a little weird and awkward at times due to the film's content but if you can get past that then it's an exceptional character film. It has some underdeveloped plot points but maybe it's being faithful to the book. The film's most redeeming feature though is it's beautiful imagery, some of the natural shots in the sweeping landscapes are magnificent! Worth checking out, it's one of the more challenging films I've watched in a while!

  4.  A great Western TV show and there aren't many!


    Hatfield and McCoys takes a while to warm up but once it does, boy, are you in for a treat! This is an epic show charting the feud between the two titular families. The story is gripping and if unfamiliar with the story the plot offers up lots to enjoy. The acting is great and I especially enjoyed the heavyweight battle between Bill Paxton and Kevin Costner is continually good, they're brilliant. I enjoyed this very much, I'm yet to see any other show like this (I haven't watched Deadwood yet!) but I look forward to watching far more Westerns, highly recomended. I'd give it 4.5/5 but I can't and 4 stars doesn't pay it justice!

  5.  Just a good, fun movie!


    Tower Heist isn't the funniest film of the year but it's great fun! Eddie Murphy is brilliant and Ben Stiller is great as usual. This is a really enjoyable film that is good for people who don't like crude, sweary comedies. Check it out, I had great fun!

  6.  Good film that's a little too long for me!


    Life of Pi will be a big contender when Awards Season comes and understandably so! It's a beautiful story following Pi a boy stranded on a boat after a storm with only a tiger. It's extremely interesting and very powerful. The film looks beautiful and this is possibly the best use of 3D I've ever, the film is one of the best looking out this year and for many years! I enjoyed the film but I found it to be a little too long in the middle, this is my only problem with the film. Worth a look, I'm sure this will appeal to fans of the book more but it's worth a watch!

  7.  A very interesting Batman story!


    This time spanning adventure is a very interesting Batman novel, I enjoyed it and I imagine it would be a better story after a couple of reads. The art is great and seeing interpretations of the Batman in different time periods is something fans of comics or Batman will relish!

  8.  An enjoyable action romp, nothing more


    Daredevil is a gritty superhero movie that is an enjoyable watch and far better than the spin-off movie Elektra. The characters don't ever get fleshed out enough so you never feel danger when you should. The action in this film is good and we get some cool bad guys, worth checking out for superhero buffs!

  9.  It's enjoyable enough but could be much better!!


    Elektra is the spin off from Daredevil and this film has the same problem as that, it's not enjoyable enough and you don't feel and real danger or emotional attachment to the characters! It's fun enough and the action is enjoyable if a little basic at times but there are some nice moments but I can't help feeling this could be much better! If you want to see this, watch Daredevil first and then this but that is a much better film!

  10.  Gets the perfect balance of emotion and comedy!!


    50/50 shouldn't really work, a cancer comedy might turn some people away but don't let it! This is a great film that has a ton of laughs but not inappropriately, the comedy in the film is done very tastefully! The emotion is also a key aspect of the film and it delivers, a real tear jerker of a film but well worth it! Great acting, great film! Really good watch, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!