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  1.  A Pleasant Surprise


    It's always nice to find something a little different from someone you've never heard of before. Group Therapy have ticked all the right boxes for me with this album. Check out Sun & Moon, Black Room Boy, Love Is Not Enough on YouTube for a taster if your not sure.

  2.  The best film of 2009


    Of late Hollywood has swamped viewers with a wide range of comic book heroes. Regardless of your personal preferences between Marvel and DC Comic's there is one other masterpiece you need to know about. Watchmen by Dave Gibbons Alan Moore.

    This novel gives the reader a much more down to Earth and gritty look into the strange World of vigilante/superheroes. Instead of giving each "hero" superpowers, the writers kept them to a minimum. That means only Dr Manhatten possesses real superhero powers, where as the rest are nothing more than a motley crew of thugs in costumes.

    Now real fans of Watchmen will claim no film can ever do this excellent graphic novel justice, but I disagree. The look and feel of the film is spot on with the book, and even casting younger actors than those in the book wasn't an issue. Superb performances from both Jackie Earle Haley (Rorschach) and Patrick Wilson (Nite Owl II) makes it worth the price along.

    The story sticks very closely to that of the book, so no surprises if you know the novel well. The action has a nice realistic feel to it, and in some way everything looks believable, even Nite Owl's flying ship. Yes it is violent, but again it's somehow in keeping with everything else, and I never found myself disbelieving the action on screen.

    If you are going to get this film, make sure it's the directors cut. Those extra few minutes are worth the extra pennies imo.

  3.  Good family film


    Got to see this on a special preview on Sunday before it's general release later this week.

    I went to see the film with my girlfriend and despite it's obvious girlie/kiddie appeal it was in fact a great film for all ages. The story follows a newly married couple as they start their new life together in Florida. Very quickly John Grogan (Owen Wilson) fears the worst that his wife (Jennifer Aniston) wants a baby, so decides to get her a puppy instead. Marley very quickly turns out to be the "World's Worst Dog". This crazy hound destroys everything in sight and becomes a general pest to the couple and everyone he comes near. The dog takes on a very "butch" looking Kathleen Turner who plays a dog trainer.

    We follow Marley and the Grogan's over the years as their family grows and they move to a new house, and later onto a new city. I won't spoil the ending.

    This is a great film for all ages, and well worth a watch at the cinema of when it's released on DVD.

    My other half has read the book and she said that is equally as good if not better than the film, as it goes into more depths of what Marley got up to.

  4.  Poor build quality


    I've had this phone for just over 8 months now and I have to say that despite it being nice and easy to use (like all Sony's are) it is let down in the build quality department.
    The most notable thing is the keys. Four of my buttons have hairline cracks running down them which isn't acceptable as your going to be using them all the time. This will only get worse with time. So far there have been no problems with the sliding mechanism yet.

    This phone is meant to be a mobile music player, yet SE clearly didn't think about this. For example there is no sort feature for your music in the playlist. I had to use a external program called DriveSort to resolve this for me. I have just picked up a SE K770i as a replacement which is meant to be a cyber shot phone and that allows me to sort my music. Tbh the W range is a bit of a con, as all your getting is the off orange colour scheme and the walkman button on the front.

    The battery life is another negative point. If you have the pedometer turns on (which counts your steps) it eats the battery in a few days, without it only does extend the life but it's still not good enough imo.

    Overall this phone could have been a lot better, and the shocking build quality is not acceptable.

  5.  The worst comedy from last year


    I'm sorry but this was absolute rubbish. I had the misfortunate to watch this dross at the cinema and regretted not walking out. I sat there and didn't laugh once, it was so bad at one point I almost nodded off it was that boring and unfunny. The story didn't lend itself to decent comedy and none of the main characters were even the slightest bit interesting or had anything remotely funny about them.

    Seth Rogan for example has never been funn in any of the films he's appeared in to date, and he's bang on form again in Pineapple Express.

    To those that gave this a score of more than one star, you clearly have never seen a decent comedy. Try Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Life of Brian, Doctor Strangelove or Some Like It Hot.

  6.  Jack is back!


    Yes one mr jack bauer makes a return in this two hour one off. The idea behind redemption is that it sets the screen before day 7 which is due to kick off in january.

    Needless to say jack is back to his best and the addition of some interesting characters like a new female president are all being put in place for the start of the new series.

    However. Despite this has the look of a 24, it just felt like another action tv show. Without ctu (which is no more) it just felt like a couple of blokes shooting people in africa, as they try to save some kids from being butchered.

    I would save your money people. This is for the real die hard 24 fans who own all the box sets and worship at the alter that is jack bauer.

    One final point. Could people who've not seen this, please not post up reviews. Thanks.

  7.  Back to their best?


    I've had the pleasure of hearing four tracks from this album on a special preview and I have to say they do sound excellent. It's yet another step forward for this chameleon-esk band. The beauty of the Prodigy is that each album is slightly different to the previous one, and that is a massive part of their appeal.

    Their new single "Invaders Must Die" is superb (even if the video does let it down), and real Prodigy fans will enjoy the new sounds from the mind of Liam Howlett. Roll on March :)

  8.  Cal of Duty takes a step foward by going backwards


    When I heard that the Call of Duty series was going back to the WW2 setting is came as great news. I never liked the modern day setting in CoD4 so I am once again a happy chappie.

    Ignore anyone who has only played the beta version, that was very unfinished in my opinion and things have been improved in the final "gold" version. I especially love the co-op idea whereby up to four people can play their way through the single player maps. The multiplayer is as always great fun in CoD and I can see myself playing this for sometime to come.

    I've not played too much of the single player campaign but what I have seen does look very good, as I said before it's CoD back to it's roots albeit now in the Pacific arena of war. Two more things of note, I love the flamethrower and climbing trees is a simple yet great idea. Why did no one do it before :D

  9.  Fitment is everything with these


    I have been a big fan of Sennheiser for some years now, so when I ordered this pair of headphones I had high hopes. Despite the shocking colour scheme the sound quality is very good, but, and it's a big but they are let down by the fitment which lets ambient sounds in so to speak.

    The idea with this fitting system is you put the headphone in your ear and they twist them back slightly so the small disc you can see at the top of the headphone locks in place in your ear. You get three different sized discs to choose from but I found none of them made any difference. This means the headphones are for ever falling out or coming loose which is very frustrating. And because of this it means I can't really comment on the sound quality.

    I'm so disappointed I'm looking for some replacements already.

  10.  Manga cartoon doesn't quite work


    This was a very brave effort by the Wachowski brothers but they didn't quite pull it off. It was exactly what I expected from this film, the birght colours and crazy race scenes are (IMO) 100% in keeping with the original cartoon, but with all the CGI it didn't seem real. At times you could tell it was fake, and I got the impression CGI was used when a normal set would have done a better job.

    The story is a bit silly, as are the racing scenes but they don't seem out of place for some reason. With no strong lead actors (part from Fox) it all felt a bit too ameteurish for my liking.

    Close, but no cigar.