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  1. Risen


    Xbox 360

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     oh dear


    i fully agree with the other review of this game. the graphics are what you would expext from a xbox console, not next generation 360. Graphics can be excused if only the gameplay could make up for the terrible visuals but oh dear, it doesnt. The user interface is extremely un responsive and complicated and this game trys to be games we have played previously like oblivion, but just doesnt pull it off at all. For an openworld game, it feels very restricted in the fact that to progress, you seem to keep hitting brick walls. You will speak to an npc and they will not help you until you have done a specific task and that seems to be the norm in this game. The controls feel very clunky and when panning the camera from left to right, it goes at light speed as it is way to sensitive with no where in the options to change this. the combat is terrible as it has a very poor lock on system and hard to face opponents, especially when being attacked from all angles. you will die frequently. The voice acting is absolutly terrible. they have no conviction or emmotion in there voices and at times sound like robots. At times there is a major slowdown in which the game is being displayed which i cant understand considering the draw rates and graphics really are not that good. As an end note, i really did try to like this game but really couldnt due to the many faults. for a game in development for this length of time, it should have been so much better. Try this game at your own peril or rent it first as it is alot of money to pull out for something you dont enjoy.

  2.  A could have been great game.


    Far Cry 2 in my opinion is far from perfect and has its annoying factors, but is still alot of fun. The graphics and sound are excellant and the differant zones, i.e dense jungle and African style landscapes is eye droppingly beautiful. The way the dry grass burns when fire is unleashed upon it is pretty damn good especially when the flames creep up near by trees and engulfs them in an inferno. For me that is pretty much all this game is, eye candy. I found the AI of the enemy soldiers to be extremely lacking, even compaired to the original Far Cry on the Pc whom flanked you to get that kill they so desperatly wanted after seeing you rain down a barrage of bullets on there position. Far Cry 2 enemys for me seemed to just pretty much stand in the open with there fingers on the trigger allowing you to pop them off pretty easily. The missions were pretty standard but my main complaint was you get a mission at one end of the map, then have to get to the other side of the map which takes alot of time. FPS games for me is all about the action and at times i felt the game was very slow. Would have been great to have some better form of fast travel like in Elder Scrolls Oblivion. The game does have neat little features like diamond hunting in which you will see a green light on your gps reciever start flashing and you use it to locate a case with diamonds in it, which you use to buy new guns and upgrades. Weapons deteriorate and jam up, vehicles break down and you have to repair them. These features make it a little bit more realistic and fun.
    Closing comments - Far cry 2 is graphically impressive and is still alot of fun to play. So why not give it a go, cant go wrong at this price.

  3.  Best game of 2008


    I played the first gears of war and really thought it was graphically impressive along with the sound and gamplay then along comes gears 2. This game is the best i have seen graphically on the 360. The textures from rocks to the armour on every charactor, be it monster or friendly is downright superb, the blood and gore, water effects and well, pretty much everything. The game itself is pretty much the same as the first as in you follow the path, take cover and whoop some beasties asses. The first time round it was fun and the second time is just as much fun. There are some really fun boss fights and as a whole the game plays like a dream. Anyways, enough of me prattling on and go buy it and see for yourself, it wont dissapoint.

  4.  Awesome!!!


    By far the best in the trilogy. Full of awesome special effects and a great story. Shame the third movie was not as good as this. A must by for all pirate lovers out there. ARRRRRGGH!!!