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  1.  Sleek/Simple/Quality


    This product is extremely useful and sleek in comparison to that of many other freeview/recorders, its appealing on the eyes while being very simple to use, recording is a doddle, ( i would recommend updating your hard drive to 200-320 gb, with the latter costing around £50.00, as 1 hour recording time equals 1.2 gbs especially if you download demos etc, 40gb will fill up in no time, tutorials etc on how to do so can be found on the internet however these are short and easy). Play tv also houses several suprising and useful bonuses, you can actually search for programmes appearing in the next seven days, for example never mind the buzzcocks and then set it to record for that time by simply pressing the select button. The menu system is also very useful with live tv, schedule, library etc. Making it easy to jump between, set up is easy i cant imagine any one having issues, this does include freeview channels. Its also very small. Overall a worthwhile purchase ( if you increase hard drive space) and you may also want to look at the blu ray remote as its far easier to navigate(althoug not neccessary) one final thing you must leave the ps3 on standby for it to record

  2.  really poor


    This is a terrible movie, not funny at all relies on stupid humour, it fails at that, i dont need a comedy to be "intelligent" and can enjoy a good silly film but this is just awful. I think everyone expected more from mike myers, bring back austin powers i think, and in response the the other review it doesnt matter whether you have a degree or not you still have poor taste in films.

  3.  Fantastic....but wait


    This game is incredible pure and simple, i loved oblivion although havent had the chance to play the original fallout 1 & 2, the graphics are impressive, not incredible like say crysis but still their impressive, the amount of time that can be put into this game is also fantastic, but their is one major gripe thats been bothering me for some time, the ending, no im not going to spoil it but all ill say is i expected much more, theirs no going back like in oblivion but that isnt even the major problem its just so cliche and out of touch. A tip play the main quest but deviate as much as possibleto side quests and the like the world is huge but sadly for me i got hooked on the main quest and finished the game early, ill be playing again... But avoiding the end, oh and ignore all the 200 endings garb, its not impressive trust me.

  4.  As Free As It Gets


    so far having had the game from wednesday in my opinion this is the greatest free roaming fps ever, their arnt many (its much better than stalker it also doesnt have anyway near as many bugs, ice come across one in the whole time ive been playing and as minor as bugs get as well )anway the graphics are amazing and the suprising thing is you dont need a mega computer to play it to a reasonable standard, having it on full though is just incredible especially as the sun rises and falls, you feel completely immersed in the game, the gunplay is solid, with many weapons avaiable(you do missions to unlock more and more) ranging from dart rifle to mortar, the characters you interact with have also been crafted with care, making you have genuine concern when their injured, when their dead, their dead, you even have an option to "euthanise" them if you dont have a way of rescuing them ie. no medical supplies with you, its just so detailed. theirs no bringing them back, which just shows how impressive far cry is when it can lose such important characters and work around it bringing others in, this is only an early review so i shall see how it goes, the only complaints i have so far is the repetition i can forsee however this may not be the case.

  5.  excellent series


    Probably one of if not the greatest tv drama ever, for me personally anyway i loved every minute of it, every episode was to the highest quality, the acting is fantastic as is everything else.... Anyone considering purchasing it would be a fool not to, although the price is high , theirs alot of hours, alot.

  6.  excellent


    An excellent edition to the pro evolution series correcting many wrongs of last year, very few online issuees. However sadly unlike the pc and ps3 versions of pes 2009 you cant bring option files from the internet onto the game, but still its fantastic game better than fifa in my opinion, gameplay wise, at least however fifa tops the everything else areas such as licencing and game modes....

  7.  a true shame


    When spore was first anounced and previews were released i dont think anyone would have expected it to tunr out how it did, when it comes to professionalreviews this has to be one of the most overated, ever. The gameplay is boring, the creativity is nice, but its not good enough in itself to warrant a purchase or should i say rent ! And lets not even go near securom and the like, a true shame indeed...

  8.  PES how it should be


    From the demo, pes looks to have improved immensley, no more strange movemant, slow replays, and the players feet actually touch the ball ! , With the physics seeming much improved with the airflow of the ball. After playing both pes and fifa 09 im coming to the conclusion that pes has regained its title, however we will only see once it has proved to not have the worst online service in a long time, the players face also look much more like the players than fifas, oh and its more fun win..win..win

  9.  underwhelmed


    A big improvemant over fifa 08, but once more it lacks in many places like not being able to take anyone on solely while this can make for more tactile play i find it hinders the fun that football games tend to bring, not allowing to build much flow and players always feeling like their at a jog even when at full speed, this is based on the demo however and seeing how the actual game is il reavaluate i guess, but hoping pes can bring back the fun... Oh and some of the players faces look ridiculous considering the visual dominance fifa has over pes youd expect more..

  10.  really good


    Not quite as good as 40 year old viring but matching knocked up easily , russel brand was also very funny in it more so than alot other things hes appearded in, the storys not taxing or anything just a good laugh, really worth a buy.