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  1.  Looks great, then is doesnt!


    Motif smaller than it looks. The picture is strong, very colourful and looks very good. However, after a few washes the image started to crack and fade, it is now so bad had to throw it out. I have over three hundred t's so it isnt worn that much. ok for light use. The sizing is fine.

  2.  red jug kettle - solid and fast


    When filled, the kettle is quite heavy but is well balanced.. A nice big handle to get a good grip and pouring the water is a good flow without getting it everywhere. A cup indicator and window to how much water is in the kettle and a light at the end of the on/off switch. Nice tight fit lid.
    I would say though if you have a disability that affects your hands or arms this is not for you. My wife cannot lift or take of the lid, I need to do it.
    good build, fast boil. Highly recommended



    I tried another brand first for a month and did nothing, I ate sensibly but couldn't exercise because of a disability and I was three stones over weight. I looked into these and ordered when they were on offer. I started using these in September and today is the 30th October 2013 and I have lost a complete stone. i only eat cereal for breakfast, porridge for lunch and a light meal in the evening. I drink a lot of water which is important when on these tablets. At the rate I am going I hope to lose the other two stone by March 2014. I am 54 years old and I feel so much better, more energy, more alert. These things also suppress appetite but don't take them too late in the day as they will keep you awake at night.
    Highly recommended. Oh, nearly forgot, I take one in the morning and one around one pm every day.

  4.  The best of both worlds


    Just watched this blu ray. First the positives.
    The packaging is excellent, nice 3d affect cover in a clear slip case.
    The film itself is a massive improvement with great colour and reasonable sound.
    This is where it falls short. The mix is not 5.1 surround, I expected the enterprise to come screaming at me through the living room, it didn't, it kind of got half way there and stopped. Very disappointing.
    The picture is presented with bars down the left and right side, not full screen.
    Overall a good effort and worth the price, just be aware it is not quite the full shilling



    Of course you need a blu ray player and decent surround and if you have that then this collection on this format is truly magnificent. I hear things in nearly every track I couldnt detect before and have listened to the stones for about 48 years. All on one disc,, only graphics are the stupid gorrila picture and track numbers. To avoid screen burn sort your tracks first and turn off the tv.

  6.  great shirt


    Washes well, keeps colour and shape. The image is on a star background and is very strong, not as good as the giant head version but not far behind., Buy your size, only up it if you need it baggy. Highly recomend it.

  7.  Great shirt


    This t shirt is good quality and washes well keeping its colour and shape. The print is bold and the colours strong. The fit is good, im xl and it fits well. No need to up your size unless you want it baggy.,
    Highly recommnend.



    The sound on this is fantastic as a radio and for playing my ipod through. A small tray pops out the front for the ipod and it fits nice and snug. The didgital readout is in the top left corner which is clear and blue. The handle feels substantial and the unit is quite heavy so it feels a solid build. The sound is very warm and detailed, its like a Bose little brother it is that good. Mine is red.

  9.  melting clock looks good, not great


    Taking this out of the box it feels tacky and light and you have to buy a AA battery. However, once on the shelf it does look good, its kind of big so its not going to be hidden. Once downside, it reflects the light quite badly and its hard to see the time displayed, still, who cares really, looks kinda cool for all that. For a fiver its fine.

  10.  A nice pair of speakers


    These are smaller than the xii by around one third but amazingly they are, or seem, louder than before. The pop up lid is there for protection and to reflect sound out towards you, maybe thats why they sound louder. Charging takes around an hour. If you loved these speakers before you will love these as well. recommended.