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  1.  not bad


    great visuals, a real wow factor . also loved the score. was really into it until about half way, there just wasnt enough of a story, the characters are so so, it was difficult to care too much about them. just not as good as i had hoped.

  2.  i need more money for my family!


    great ! love sly stallone. dont take it too seriously, just watch it and have fun. Gotta say - dolph was brilliant . i love terry crews' gun !

  3.  will divide opinion fiercely


    i liked it . yes, it is INCREDIBLY slooooooww. Clooney acts nothing like George Clooney . Looking at the front cover you may be tricked into thinking this is like Bourne or 007, it isn't at all. What you do get is a very interesting performance from Clooney, who is very restrained throughout. It was so refreshingly anti-hollywood, no big overbearing score to contend with or explosions , gunshots and car chases are kept to a minimum, but the scenes are long and tension is good, it kept me gripped despite the pacing. The drawn out scenes of making the rifle were cool . I would recommend it but its not for everyone.. beautifully shot, Italian countryside never looked better.

  4.  a let down


    was hoping this would be dumb fun, with at least one or two likeable characters but I was wrong ! its just not that much fun. script was poor. even predator 2 was better !

  5.  great but flawed


    great game, may not seem so at 1st but it will grow on you! bad let downs are the lag on the on-line gaming, unforgiveable! and also the frame rate on replays is soooooo bad. graphically I dont know why people prefer FIFA, The players are far better on this to look at. yes the game suffers with no licensing for the premiership (bar spurs and newcastle) but it is still the best footie sim out there!

  6.  best film ever


    ok so its not the best film ever, but this is fanboy heaven. martial atrs with guns. bale kills 221 peeps in this movie, i think thats a record! really good concept, and very very dark. a real under-rated sci-fi classic, I for one am glad it will always hold a cult status. This the film that got bale the batman job i wouldve thought, he is really good as the lead. good cast too, watch out for dominic purcell and william fichtner from Prison Break, and sean Bean pops up too. Far better than the overblown bloated mess the Matrix films turned into..

  7.  a massive dissapointment


    this is a prime example of why sequels are so rubbish. this went down the batman road from the mid 90's of where it was overloaded with villians. an awful movie. venom was so badly done, and the sandman was completely unnecessary. and when will Hollywood learn that filling a film with CGI will not make it any better!!! the first two spidey movies were brilliant. this one has had its soul ripped out.

  8.  great western


    you will like this even if you dont like westerns.!! bale is top notch, the script better than most hollywood these days. great action. best film Ive seen in long long time