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  1.  A Dead Cert


    Well going into this I was expecting a comedy take on the zombie genre in fact what I got was a rip roaring full on post-apocalyptic zombie horror seen through the eyes of the big brother house and its fictional housemates, the likes of which I have not seen or enjoyed since the excellent and bench setting remake of Dawn of the Dead a few years ago.
    As I had missed this on E4 watching it back to back on DVD was a great way to catch this amazing show also as it could be watched in a couple of hours it gave to me the feel of a film rather then a TV show as the production and special effects for a TV show where second to none, I was actually shocked at the amount of blood, guts and gore which lets be honest is staple for any good zombie show/movie. The acting was great with Jamie Winstone standing out for me she is definitely someone to keep your eye on for the future I would put money on her going a long way, also Andy Nyman as the absolutely foul and sarcastic director of the fictional brother show was a hoot and whoever wrote his lines deserves an award all of there own, I loved the way they portrayed the A-Typical housemates every stereotype was there and made you remember why big brother was such compulsive viewing when it first came out.
    I've heard a lot of people saying the ending was a little rubbish but I thought with out giving it away that it was so in line with any good zombie movie quick, shocking and brutal, leaving you feeling like you have been punched in the stomach full force and having unanswered questions flying round your mind, its a lot more scary to be left wondering why then to be given all the answers on a plate. All in all this show was just great and I could not recommend it enough to fans of the genre and to people who just like a good fright you certainly wont be disappointed, this is an edge of your seat, jump out of your skin, gore galore white knuckle ride, and if nothing else the £11.99 is worth while just to see Davina get her throat ripped out and come back as Mrs Zombie McCall.