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  1.  The only thing scarier than the zombies..


    ..are the controls.

    Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil is essentially a port of the Gamecube remake a few years ago. This is no bad thing, when the GC remake was released it had a terrifying atmosphere, astounding graphics and a whole bunch of extras.

    The only problem is that true resident evil fans probably already own it, with no added extras or control options, there's no real reason for them to pick this one up again. For new commers to the series it's a double-edged sword, it's a real treat to play through such a polished port, however those that started with the fantastic Resi 4 scheme will be truly shocked with the archaic controls that this port offers.

    At £17, this game is worth picking up for any Resident Evil fan, so long as you're aware that the controls are going to take a lot of adjustment (and really, they need to be played with a GC pad) then it could well be the best game you buy all year ;)

  2.  Very good


    If you're looking at this I'll assume you've either purchased, watched or heard about the previous release "The Laughing Man" if you haven't, get out of here and check that out ;D it might help you make sense of this.

    In short this the Second series mushed into a roughly 3 hour film with clips from the show. That leads me to the biggest disadvantage - No new footage, it really dissapointed me.

    However, it is fantastically presented, if you've never seen the second series then this is a great way to experience the main storyline, if you have, this is a great way to refresh your memory, to have the ability to watch it all in one night is awesome =]

    So credit to them, they did a great job and deliver the experience very well, but it just doesn't do enough to warrant a purchase...the second series is fairly cheap on play.com, and its far better to watch all of that than a compressed version, ne?

    Still recommended though ^_^ I've seen pretty much everything and still found this entertaining

  3.  Don't be fooled


    Being a massive fan of the manga very early on, I greatly anticipated the anime....and was totally let down.

    Its not 'bad'...though it loses a lot of the pacing it had in the manga, the characters don't look as good...after about 10 episodes it starts to drag,

    You can't argue, the story is possibly the greatest ever told by a manga/anime, though if you really want to get into it and enjoy it, buy the manga

  4.  A Great Film & Worthy Addition To The Series


    I'm a big fan of the Resident Evil films, they may not be scary, and I'm sure hardcore game fans will whine and moan, but ignore all that

    The first two films were good in their own right, but flawed, this movie has perfected it. Its entertaining, great action, great story, great set pieces, great effects, all around a great movie

    Made me jump more than once!

    Its easy to be put off by the other two movies..which is a shame as this one is really entertaining and fully worth a purchase

  5.  Think Twice


    Final Fantasy is without a doubt one of the best-known, most renowned video game series ever.

    So a remake of the first final fantasy on PSP must be awesome right? Wrong.

    Don't get me wrong, the gameplay is solid, however its so traitional and old-fashioned, I'm a great fan of RPG's of old, but this game gives the player no indiciation at all of where to go or what to do, monster encounters happen every 5 seconds, its really hard-core

    The few good points I could mention are that the graphics, while not ground-breaking, are solid & load times are fine.
    What really brings the game down however is the 'seen it-done that' This game has been re-released so many times with no new content added, in fact let us remember final fantasy 1 & 2 were released on a double package on the GBA, so why do we have to buy them seperate?

    You can't argue with this classic formula, however it does feel seriously dated, if you happen to be looking for a great PSP RPG, look to Breath of Fire III, or Disgaea, or indeed Final Fantasy War Of The Lions, This game really only appeals to those who have played it when it was first released.

  6.  Shin Budokai 1.5


    Not much has changed, however there are a lot of improvements from the previous Shin Budokai

    Single player is much deeper, protecting cities and flying around the map like on budokai 3, a larger list of characters, and inclusion of new techniques and a more refined fighting system

    My main gripe is with the load times, it takes the better part of 10-20 seconds for a fight to start, this really effects the single player mode, however normal arccade fights are unaffected.

    There's a lot of new content, whilst its not a drastic change, (you could almost consider it an expansion of the previous game) and the story is totally insane (they seem to look for any excuse to throw in broly, janemba, cooler, freeza, cell, buu, other buu, you name it ^^") it is a great fighter, very very enjoyable and a great addition to any game library

  7.  Interesting


    I feel compelled to compare Ninja Heroes to the Shin Budokai series..

    The Good -
    A lot of characters to choose from
    Game share
    Great fighting area's, large and expansive
    You can run up walls...awesome
    Customization, choosing your own team of characters
    Great Graphics

    The Bad-
    Fighting system is weak compared to budokai, circle is the only attack button and it just doesn't feel right

    Extreme difficulty, you don't regenerate full health after fights, so when having to fight 7 teams or 10 teams in a row with little to no health is difficult..

    English voices only, and they are bad, really really bad

    No story at all

    All in all a decent fighter, perfect for fans of the series, great graphics and decent gameplay make it a great choice. People unfamiliar with the series will likely be confused with no inclusion of any story, however its still a great title well worth a purchase :)

  8.  A great RPG, Don't be put-off!


    Okay I bought this a while ago and after long hours of playing I can safely say this is not only a 5 star RPG but certainly one of the best on PSP

    I was put off by negative reviews, stating that it had massive load times, bad graphics and dull gameplay - wrong.

    The first hour was strange, and a little dull (as is the norm for most RPG's) but after that I was totally engrossed, The characters and story is great and loveable, combat system is traditional and easy to use, graphics are great, and load times are no problem at all.

    This game certainly beats Final Fantasy 1 & 2 on PSP, and is cheaper, so really all I have to say is don't be put off and give this classic a chance :)

  9.  Awful


    Got this game for my brother's birthday, and its awful.

    The games are very, very repetitive, graphics are lame, controls are lame, my little cousin near broke his arm playing

    Totally unimaginative, Totally uninspired, Totally awful

  10.  Great Fun


    First off, to the review below mine, WHAT THE HELL? "Don't buy for kids" No offense jackass, but did you not see the rather large 18+ sign on the front cover? Give your kid Mario or something..now that that's out of the way

    Umbrella Chronicles is essentially what you'd expect, a fun dip in and out lightgun styled shooter, its perfect for fans of the series, as it covers a lot of the story and plots from a wide range of previous Resident Evil games, something I didn't expect

    Co-op is even more fun in my opinion, and gives added incentive to keep playing through single-player, all in all, very fun game, maybe more suited to a rental than full price purchase though?