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  1.  Hit and Miss


    The original was such a classic, it was always going to be tough to do capture it all again.

    First the narration, Liam has a great voice but there is no 'voice acting' and he is the same tone all the way through and is like reading from a book, a real missed opportunity, Burton is irreplaceable here, they should have definetly kept this voice in this version.

    This version is both a hit and a miss, you see disc one is spot on, Except for Liams narration, but ok, Gary barlow surprisingly does Forever Autumn really well, Thunderchild is sung good too. Disc one is very good.

    Sadly it falls apart with Disc two, the Red Weed still drones and drags on and the missed chance of updating the red Weed has passed by.
    Now the real stinker, The Spirit of Man, well Joss Stone does ok really but Nathaniel is laughable, he sounds like a posh schoolboy and does not do this justice one ounce. My favourite track suddenly is my least favourite.
    Then you have Brave New World, again this doesnt cut it, very poor.

    Also silly special effect sounds, pointless dubbing during the tracks etc are just out of place and sound retarded and desperate to sound new and i hope the original hasnt been cheapened by this version.

    Disc one equals very good.
    Disc two equals terrible.

  2.  Great


    Great game but the maps arent classic BF, this is tunnels and bottlenecks, patches will make it even better though!
    I didnt get my Dog Tags, did anyone else?

  3.  Time to Realise


    As they have released version after version, i feel it has got more boring with each release, the magic left long ago, leaving die hard fans to praise it.
    It is ok but ultimately it does have you 'addicted' like it used to , they are also just patch updates and not worth full price.
    The magic left sadly.

  4.  Fallout Expansion Disc


    If they released another expansion for fallout3 this is what you would get, only a few tweaks have been made.

    Fallout3 was fun , you had the wasteland and derelict citys , do you miss megaton? i do! In FO:Vegas its just a little plain , barren desert , none of these monuments , citys etc.

    This should have been a addon , most even call it Fallout3: New Vegas.

    Infact you can add alot of this with mods.

    But does it make it a bad game? nope , its fallout and its fun! , just dont go expecting a upgrade or newer engine , infact all the textures etc are all from fallout3 so hard to see why its so expensive , when all theyve done is add a new world space (small one too). Everything you see is reused from fallout3 , Vegas is a mod.

    Still great fun though!

  5.  Cryptic are terrible


    Game is a monthly sub , but they spend most of the time and sub money making micro transaction stuff to sell back you via c-store , not cheaply either , try 2000 cp for a ship skin!

    Sadly as of 20th july 2010 the game looks to be a dead cert to not be around at the end of the year.

    Had potential but half the team have even left and none have replaced them , as well as your high sub you need real money for extras ingame as this mmo (its not one , its a instanced single player game with mmo chat) sadly begins to die and so much hatred amongst the devs and the playerbase.

  6.  Whose the best


    Firstly this is FM so you know your getting a good footy game.

    But its now looking and feeling rather dull and bland and seen it all before , no pizzaz , training is anoying , no stadia upgrades and the press conferances are so anoying.

    Fifa Manager 10 showed us how to add detail , pizzaz , and contains alot more stats and things to do that FM can only dream off , so perhaps its time for FM to step up a little bit more.

    FM is still the best one around , Fifa would be the new king but the support and community is practically zero (so no bug fixes) , this means FM retains its crown.

    you know what to expect from FM and they deliver just that , nothing more , nothing less , think of it as a large patch.

  7.  Read


    This game is a odd one.

    The detail is intense , theres more to do and is alot harder than say FM , it even looks really nice , definetly better graphics and and detail and stats that make all the others look old fashioned.


    The game has not recieved one patch , not one update , the ai (especially 3d match engine) needs tweaks and looks like the game has no support at all , even community sites and support is practically zero.

    The 3d match engine just doesnt work , the players dont do as told , formation doesnt match , looks nice but is worthless and no patches to fix it.

    With support it would have been the daddy but without patches etc its dead.

  8.  Bandwagon Sheep


    I wont jump on the bandwagon like the sheep do but be 100% honest here.

    Game is well made and the single player is enjoyeable , the gfx is ok but seen alot better , none detracts from the fun you have from the single player mode , although very short.

    Multiplayer is where most will play..... this is where it falls down if i am to be really honest.

    With unlockeables , it means a new player really starts at a disadvantage and will get frustrated , fact.

    BUT its still fun once you have played for a few weeks and caught up with the rest , but the biggest letdown is the cheating.

    Yes most games have these , but for a new game like this the cheat bots is amazing, i have seen snipers shooting rockets from a sniper rifle , homeing nades , a mega load of aim bots , and the common skin hacks (make enemy glow , see through walls etc).

    You can still get some fun out of it though but let down by the bad MP (well the exploits).

    Most may not admit this etc but its true and i am letting buyers know this, its that simple , buy and decide yourself.

  9.  Hard , Bugs , Average MP but FUN!


    This game is great , i didnt have the first one so its all new to me.
    Single player is great too , actually better at the moment than MP , you see MP is a bit off , most players just join and zoom off leaving you deserted so even though its aimed at teamwork , it fails lol
    Still a great laugh and will get better.
    Be warned it comes with alot of bugs , cloning npcs , stuck on scenery and alot of graphic cards will give you problems too.
    Still a few patches and dlc and you got yourselfs a good MP game, needs a new mode for a more slower game to stop team members not working as a team though oh and its VERY hard even on easy!

  10.  Awsome


    There seems to have been install problems when game was first out , due to so many copys trying to be registered at same time.

    The problem is sorted so fear not.

    If you loved fm08 etc then you will love this one , there the same game but with things added etc , it all makes upto a hell off a better game.

    Best yet once you learn it all , dont down star it coz you arent that good on it , look at it for what it is , and it delivers on all fronts , aswome managment experience , and top of the league!

    30 Games in and i am unbeaten! :)