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  1.  Bollywood films are getting better!


    I've never really liked watching Bollywood films. My mum and dad have a stash of them on VHS buried in their house which they used to watch when i was younger. I wasn't into it then. And then suddenly the format changed and all we got were western dances and poorly dressed women trying to act. And i dont really like the fact that Shahrukh Khan and Amitabh Bachan act in nearly all the films that are released...
    But this film is different.. I have seen Black and that changed my mind of Bollywood films, they can be intelligent and acted with no music. I thought they couldn't beat films like that.
    Then i saw No One Killed Jessica, and that was a nice film, but not as good as Black.
    But now i've watched Bhoothnath, i can safely say that this film is better than Black. It makes me laugh, well up, and actually sit there and listen to and see what is being shown.
    It is a well produced, well researched, well directed and well scripted film with lots of emotion and passion...and the songs are impressive, esp when Amitabh Bachan is dancing. He certainly still has it. Not sure what is going on with Shahrukh's hair tho, there's a rat's tail which my cats jumped at when they caught a glimpse of it.
    Very good film.

  2.  Really good discovery!


    Wow, can't find much prog rock out there. The only bands i can really rely on are Dream Theater and Porcupine Tree. And im really fussy with my rock music as im not into the stuff they put out in the charts or what constitutes as rock music these days. I like discovering new talent and going to see bands. And while trying to find rock music when i was younger, i found other genres that are equally as good. There are some pretty decent bands out there and one of them are Broken Melody.

    I literally just discovered them five minutes ago and have been listening to about four tracks and that's enough to win me over. The production is good. I found them on Reverbnation. The next thing i did was find their myspace, look for any tours, but they're not touring at the mo, so i thought i'd buy an album. Mirroring Identities has four of the tracks i have been listening to. I thought i'd write a review of how amazed i am by those tracks.

    I will be purchasing this album after i have submitted the review!

  3.  I love Charlie!


    I don't know if i might be a little bit too old for Charlie but he's a nice human being and i wish everyone was humankind! I haven't read the whole book yet but i pick up the book before i go to work, and before i go to sleep, those are the only times i can read it during the week and each time i read a letter, i think what a nice boy. I love his unconventional look on life and how he thinks women should be treated. He is a very innocent boy even when he's dabbling in drugs and not being honest to Mary Elizabeth! His relationship with her made me laugh especially when he chooses the "right time". I love his relationship with people, not just his family but with his friends. His friends seem nice but they dabble in drugs. You can be nice and take drugs too, that is where people go wrong. I felt sorry for him after he dabbled with LSD. I haven't felt this way about a main character since Holden in Catcher in the Rye, and I CAN'T BELIEVE how many times he read that book! He is clever beyond his years yet socially awkward which makes him lovely and endearing and i just want to meet loads of people like him! I dont know what im going to read after i've read this book, probably read it again, or read Catcher in the Rye or just read the books he name drops and listen to the music he makes a mix tape of! I wonder what the film will be like!

  4.  Insightful!


    I only just started reading Comics/Graphic Novels a couple of weeks back and after being introduced to a couple of Political and Historical strips, i was hooked on that sort of comic. I searched on Play for similar type of novels and came across Fun Home. I have to say its the best book i have purchased so far.

    Its very insightful and incredibley tragic. Such an intriguing life Alison had. I've not read the whole book yet, but its so intense and i love her words and art work. I wish i could draw and be as articulate as her! Such a good portrayal of her life put into words and art.

    Recommend to everyone who loves to read!

  5.  Entertaining!


    I enjoyed reading this graphic novel of Majane's time during a samovar where ladies gathered around in the evening to gossip about other women. Some people would complain the stories they talk about are too short but i like the way the conversation flows! Its really given me an insight as to how the different women lived their life in Iran. I have seen Persepolis in the cinema, and enjoyed it, i have bought the graphic novel and look forward to reading that. I am also going to buy Chicken with Plums. Marjane writes with humour. I particularly enjoyed the strip about the white magic and the key! I have to have my opium now, as im in a rather rigid mood!

  6.  Inspirational life changing book


    I knew a few things about drugs before i read this book and i'd read a fair bit about child abuse, neglect etc in other books, but this book, has to be the most eye opening book i have ever read...about real life. Im not in denial of what goes on behind closed doors, im pretty sure there's a lot going on that's not open to the public. Cupcake Brown has to be awarded something for her bravery, for her experience, for her journey.
    It's sad what she went through when the system failed her. Its terrible that no one wanted to save her or speak to her. Her dad and Jr did help but this thing about being "grown" meant as you're an adult, you deal with it your way, no one interferes.
    What surprised me the most, she was able to get jobs in Law Firms by the way she dressed. She was looked down on by the way she dressed, and just her attitude and probably the way she conducted herself would have caused concern, but the managers never said a thing, they were impressed by her resume. I loved this about her. I dont know if it was the drugs talking but she could talk her way out of anything.
    I felt sorry for her, a lot. I was amazed by the things she got away with. I was surprised that no one did anything to help her. I was even more suprised by the amount of drugs she was taking and the amount of alcohol she consumed. She was slowly self destructing from the age of 11 to 20 and i found it quite interesting how the mind, attitude, well being can alterate someone's life. I knew about drugs, limited amount, before i started reading but i know so much.
    I would recommend this book to anyone who is thinking about taking drugs or to those who are starting off on stuff like weed and want to try stronger drugs or those that just want to learn about the affects. It certainly opened my eyes and made me think there are so many people out there who carelessly take drugs, not knowing anything about them and dont actually know the affects of these drugs.
    I loved how despite her appearance, she got the jobs she went for, i loved the hope in America and the perseverance of the employers, esp the managers. Even tho her colleagues complained about her, it didn't do anything to her, but then again it could have been the drugs that made her oblivious but she kept on working even though she was late. The drugs she took made her proactive.
    I have not read all of the book yet, i have just spent a whole day reading most of it. I am up to the bit where she's just looked at herself in a window and seen what she really looks like.
    This book has made me more confident. Has given me hope that there are people out there that want to help you. Im glad she's now a lawyer. I hear she has been sober for 20 years. And she recently celebrated her birthday in March. Happy Belated Birthday Cupcake, hope the making of the film goes well.

  7.  I like to cook


    I didn't know much about Crystal Meth before i watched this series! All i knew was that it was another name for Speed! So after watching the series, i thought i would read up on Crystal Meth and see what type of effects it has had on people throughout the years. I am saddened by what this drug has caused many people to do, risk, lose. It really is saddening.

    Not only is the effects of Meth on people and the way they are affected a serious subject, so is the number of people dying from Cancer, esp Lung cancer, not from just smoke inhalation.

    So that is why we need humour to lift up the sadness of these two taboo subjects. We raise awareness of cancer. We help those with a drug addiction. But when a series is written so well and acted out so efficiently and provocatively, it not only makes you think but with the added humour makes you realise that you have a life and all you can be in life is happy!

    Sorry if the start of this review is too serious. I would like to say how eye opening this series is, how greatly acted, how deep it is, how serious it is yet at the same time humourous. You have to laugh when you are down!

    Everyone in this series deserves an award especially Brian. I had seen him in Malcolm in the Middle but that was just silly humour acting but this is dark humour.

    I really can't put into words how amazing this show is. I bought directly after buying Dexter and have to say, this comes above it. I can't believe the second season is so expensive!

    Aaron Paul is another good actor.

    Well done.

  8.  I love Matt Dallas!


    I've only seen the first four episodes of the first season after purchasing the DVD recently. I saw an episode on TV just before i ordered and i thought it was the first season but its not, im not sure which episode from what season i saw but it had me hooked and if its that good after the first, i will want to get more DVDs! If only Play had them!

    I love Matt Dallas, i think he's an incredible actor. I love the way he adjusts to the world around him and i love the way the family take him in. Im glad they haven't branded him an alien in a bad way and taken him away for people to do tests on . Im so tired of that formula now! Im glad the mum is a psychologist. She's a lovely mum and has typical normal teenagers. Im also glad this is a family show and im glad they can get away with teenage/coming of age stuff on this show. I thought most American's frowned upon it on shows! Its a good decent family viewing. I have watched only four episodes so far and do not want to read anymore about it as i want to be surprised. I know there are four more seasons out there and it started in 2006 but i will watch them all eventually. Im loving it at the moment. It is amazing!

  9.  Seen the first three episodes


    I've only seen the first three episodes on TV, and while watching them i thought it was the first series, but its in fact the second. Good show. After watching the first series on DVD, i have to say the jokes are better and the writing is better in the second and its going strong. Nice to see Julian Barratt making an appearance as a smug musician! I see Noel Fielding in Dan Clark just less flamboyant. Dan, im finding him attractive the more i watch. Oh dear!

  10.  Femme Fatale


    I learnt about the film noir genre at college when i was studying Media. I learnt about all the connotations and about Femme Fatales. This film, is a good representation of that genre and a very apt title too! Its not my fave film genre but as i am a fan of animation, this rates highly with me. I like how the animation is very precise, pays attention to detail. Unfortunately for me, i found the sex scenes to be poor and the naked body drawn to be with less detail. I liked the odd colour put into it and i liked what the film was about. If the animator had paid attention to the body more, they'd been able to draw it with every little detail. I like this film though and the music is well suited.