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  1.  Dirty Harry is back (0:


    If Dirty Harry lived in the future he would be Dredd. This film is genius, the best ive seen in years, cant wait for its release to see it again. Great story, great effects, great soundtrack, great cast. Urban is fantastic as dredd and gets the gravelling voice and aggressive chin perfect. Film is littered with great one liners such as "save me a lot of paperwork if you confessed right now" and "are you ready, you dont look ready" would make clint eastwood proud. The ladies hold up their side just as strong with Thirlby doing a superb job as Anderson and Headey as Ma Ma.
    Buy it, its brilliant, its worth every penny, its up there with the greats like escape from new york and bladerunner.

  2.  A decent effort but fairly pointless


    Was hugely disappointed when i left the cinema. A re-hashed version of the original is all it really is. I give it 3 stars because its still good entertainment for the new generation who maybe haven't seen Spider man before and even if you have, its still good entertainment in a mediocre run of the mill sort of way. Not groundbreaking stuff, easily forgettable and this year especially, easily slammed into the sidelines by the likes of Avengers, Batman and Dredd 3D.

  3.  Best film ive seen in years


    I saw this film in the cinema and it was magnificent, best film ive seen in years and easily launches itself into my sci-fi top 5 with the likes of Aliens and Bladerunner. I have pre-ordered it now and await its release with baited breath. As a fan of the 2000AD comics when i was a kid this truly does the comic strip justice and so much more than the 1995 Stallone version which was ok but no were near as dark, gritty and tough as this one. Full marks,10/10, i love it and pray there will be sequels in the future.

  4.  A decent effort but for me personally i found it pointless.


    For someone who hasnt seen the 2002 movie or hasnt seen it for a long time at least, they may find this good entertainment.

    For those who have seen the 2002 version or more to the point have seen it recently then they may find this new one tracks very closely to it and feels predictible and tedious.

    Dont get me wrong it is a good movie but nothing groundbreaking and even if i personally hadnt seen the 2002 version at all i still wouldnt give it anymore than 3 stars. I did find the CGI on the lizard man to be quite poor though, i have seen better graphics on the xbox 360 for instance, so as a Boss it was a bit lame. But overall it is reasonably entertaining for DVD albeit quite disappointing in the cinema.

  5.  Great Sound track to a Great Movie 10/10


    Love this soundtrack. Some tracks are not useful and just a bunch of sound effects if you like but the main tracks like Shes a pass, Mega city one etc are lush and dark industrial Tech tracks. Very nice and compliment the movie perfectly.

  6. Berlin



    9 New from  £7.88  Free delivery

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     Top notch


    A very harrowing account of the suffering of the soldiers and civilians involved and just quite simply in the path of the assaulting red army.Well written this good use of facts,figures,events and case history.Describes very well the disintergration of the reich,the madness of hitler and his leaders and the brutality thrown upon the civilians and most harrowing of all the women and children within germanys eastern frontiers.Top notch.If you like ww2 stories then this one is a must,i will be reading the rest of his books for sure.