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  1.  Awesome


    I couldn't believe how compelling this book was. I finished the book in less than 24 hours, that's how good it is.
    There's a lot of hype and controversy surrounding this book. I'd suggest ignoring that and read it for yourself to see. The action surrounding the actual Bin Laden raid was pulse pounding and it's amazing how much detail he went into considering that he was in the heat of battle.
    I am constantly reading books and this tops my list of favorites. Recommended to everyone

  2.  Good Game needs polishing


    It's a shame that in some areas the graphics of this game are left unpolished because the overall game is engaging and fun. The storyline is indepth and revolves around current affairs.

    The other area this game looses marks is the length of the campaign, it is very short, but replayable. It feels like the game was rushed out before CoD:BO was released just to corner the market, and in that respect i think the developers have taken the mick out of the consumer.

    I hope with a follow up they can actually make a game worthy of combating the stagnating CoD franchise. I personally prefer this game to CoD:BO as it has campaign replayability value. I don't currently play on live so couldn't compare the two.

  3.  Makes Jaws look like a wuss


    This guy is brilliant, the way he presents his series along with his passion for learning about these awesome creatures and continuing the conservation of dwindling shark populations.

    In this DVD he gets up close and extremely personal with known 'man-eaters' at one point inserting a tracking system into a Tiger Shark and then cradling it in the water until it swims off.
    He dives with Pelagic Thresher Sharks and nearly gets blown up by dynomite fishermen who are ruining oceanic eco-systems with their destructive form of fishing.

    Not only does his series show these awesome and beautiful predators in their natural habitat but he also strives to make people aware of their plight.

    Presented with expertise and also humour when he faces extremely dangerous situations, his series will teach you the best way to react, should you ever be found in Shark inhabited waters.

    A must see for any Shark enthusiast.

  4.  Simply Brilliant


    I bought with some trepidation due to the review below. However it is EXACTLY what it is described as. A straight port of original NES classics to relive, with a new generation of gamers who can appreciate how far the gaming experience has come. And also how great old games were.

    I used to play Super Mario 3 - it was great being whisked back to my childhood. Anyone who played the Mario games years back should get this. The booklet that comes with it is great and the CD begins with the iconic Mario music. A must for any mario fan!