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  1.  Not bad


    I won't ever say this is the best album I have ever heard but, compared to '3 Words' I think this is a lot lot better. There are good catchy tunes on there and I must admit that I love 'Happy Tears' which is a total up yours to Ashley! This is a good album for Cheryl fans.

  2.  I stopped reading!!


    I was very unimpressed with this book. I loved 'Devil Wears Prada' but this was a huge disappointment. I stuck with it until about 1/2 way in and then I had to give it up, I was not at all interested and didn't actually look forward to reading it!! Maybe I will give it another go ast a later date, but I wouldn't recommend.

  3.  I turned it off!!!


    I was really looking forward to watching this film and waited until I needed a good giggle to watch it.......and the giggle never came. This film fell well short of the mark and in the end I turned it off!! Don't expect too much from this to be honest!!

  4.  'IT'S SO FLUFFY'!


    HAHAHA, a good giggle film!! My six year old loved this too so its good for all the family!

  5.  Great chick flick!


    If you are having the girls over this is a good choice. While the film isn't going to be the top of most peoples faves its a good watch. Albeit there are no amazing plot twists, it is worth a watch....although there is no male totty in it!!!!!

  6.  Best album I have heard in a long time


    Believe me, I have played this album over and over and over again!! And it's still amazing to me, I love listening to it in the car, in the gym (it makes the time pass faster!!!) and at work. Its amazing!!

  7.  Stick with the first one!


    I have a huge SATC fan however, I did think this film fell a little short of the mark. Don't get me wrong, I was happy that they made a second film but I didn't think the storyline was as strong. I think this is for diehard SATC fans only :o)

  8.  Suspense filled!


    This film is full of suspense and keeps you on your toes. Well worth a watch, good girly night in film, but I have also watched this on my own (quite a big Beyonce fan!!) and got totally lost in it!! It's fantastic, well worth the price :) the storyline keeps you watching, not at all boring!!

  9.  Good, but don;t believe the hype!!


    I really enjoyed this film but I was expecting something life changing. The graphics are life changing viewing but the story is pretty vanilla! Ignoring the hype, it's a good watch though, the story is heart warming and worth viewing. Would happily watch again!

  10.  Amazing film!!


    I went to see this last night on it's final night in the cinema and I'm so glad that I got there in time!! This is one of the best films I've seen in a long time and it's a real feel good film! As soon as this is out on DVD I'll be buying it. Sandra Bullock is fantastic and the casting of this film is just perfect all round!!