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  1.  This is Ice Cold!!


    By far the best book of the four, (soon to be five), how this hasn't been made into a blockbuster movie i have no idea, maybe that dude from happy days is up for making this into a movie also, but don't hold your breathe for that one.

  2.  Gameplay!!!!


    Look get it, when can you own £2000 of games for £25? £2000 you ask, well i remember paying £45 for a sega mega drive game 15 years ago, so this is true value for money, the game play in all of these games are amazing and used to keep us all up for hours on end.

  3.  Fallout 3 Review.


    Sorry for not entertaining you with a witty play on words for my title, this being the normal and downright childish retort I usually start my reviews for one of a number products that I have purchased from this site.............(and breathe).
    Fallout 3 is everything the next gens have needed for a long time; the next gens consoles have been polluted by easy and quick to complete gun hoe action fiestas for far too long and it's time for some substance, Fallout 3 is most certainly it.
    Most of you are wondering, as I was; is it going to be big?
    well as I'm not the type of person to just randomly bash out a review after only an hour of playing with no actually research, or clear though, I have immersed myself into the world of the capital wastelands for a good 37 hours +.
    I starting to think that maybe I was nearing completion, after all I had completed about 30 quests, killed over 250 people, countless mutants, animals vegetables and minerals, and was getting that feeling of "I must be nearly done now?.........) , when after a few phone calls and chat around the office, I discovered a couple of people, who also like my good self had done around the same amount of in game hours as I , to my surprise we hadn't been or seen, the same places as each other, or activated the same missions.
    So you have 3 people, 37 hours of game play each, and no stories to compare around the drinks machine.
    So is it big? umm, well yes. It's BIG!
    And to those who make comments as such, "oh I had to travel underground to get to somewhere as it was blocked off by a 25 foot high wall?" , well I don't know about you but I hate walking in a straight line to get everywhere in a game. So a detour through some dark nasty subway tunnels or in through a mutant ants nest is a welcomed break from the normal "compass point to objective" go forward approach.
    And also, before making poor comparisons between Oblivion and Fallout 3 or statements like
    "It's Oblivion with Guns"
    please do remember Fallout existed more than a Decade before Oblivion, hence the numbering of the title Fallout 3, fallout 3 being the 5th in the series......what yes I can count, Fallout 1, Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics 2.1 Brotherhood of Steel(PC), Fallout 2.2 Brotherhood of steel (Xbox), Fallout 3....

  4.  Half as long half the price?


    Now i love prison break, this series answered some questions and threw some new question in our grills, but i'm a little disturbed by the RRP of this £39.95? i know you can get it on offer at the minute which is great but i felt cheated by the writers strike, i think this should be half the price as it only contains 13 episode instead of 24ish that is the norm, it seems the only series unaffected by the writers strike was Supernatural, which is ace by the way..not the writers strike i mean supernatural.

  5.  Click Buy! Thats a good boy/girl.


    Seriously if you don't own this album i'm not talking to you.

  6.  WOW!!! You Will Feel.


    This album is brilliant and the third outing for the Rocket Summer see the same melody and style i have come to grow fond of with the rocket summer.

    This time with a Major Record company behind them, do you feel has a powerful start and doesn't peek at any point.........its just awesome all the way through.

    I was lucky enough to see them earlier in the year in oxford and their live set was fantastic.

  7.  The Rocket Summer are Awesome


    this is the rocket summers second album and is not disappointing in th slightest, all the heartfelt emotional yet positive music is still very much present.

  8.  Its a Grower.


    This is an amazing album from an amazingly talented singer song writer Bryce Avery, although he has his friends performing with him when live the music and lyrics is completely written by Bryce, i was lucky enough to receive this album as a gift over 4 years ago, this album is still fresh and has uplifting positive tracks throughout this record.

  9.  Sublime!!!


    Iko are a devonshire based outfit, and quite frankly write some of the most beautiful music i have ever heard, Hologram was my song of the year 2006 no doubt.



    You will not find a better story in any computer game, this all started out under the premise that there would be in total 5 games the first was released on the Sega Dreamcast and costed over £20,000,000 to make which at that time was the most expensive game ever made, problem was it was on the dreamcast and hardly anyone brought the game, those that did knew they had absolute gaming gold in there hands and obsessed over the wait of about 4 years for the developers to make the second one, yet again you couldn't believe your eyes at what you were playing the story keeping you gripped to the point where you are playing the game 12 hours straight a day till you complete it, and when I completed it, I was left with a very empty place in my heart as rumours that they were in fact just going to stop and never finish the story, since then there has been some serious petitions to get the 3rd Shenmue made, years and years have passed since then and the hole in my heart has still not been filled, there are still dozens of questions unanswered and battles to be won, and who knows where they will decide to go next, this is the only game that deserves Millions of dollars in developers money pumped into it to satisfy the gamers who feel let down by the inactivity that has come about from the release of the Shenmue over 8 years ago.