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  1.  Still no Ferraris


    It's a very pretty game, lovely graphics, great selection of cars, though still no Ferraris. Although there is the usual issue I find with most driving games... example... racing Porsche Carrera GTs, we all had one exactly the same, but they still fly past when you're at top speed. I was driving a Bugatti Veyron almost flat out... and was overtaken by a Chevvy Camero. Mmhmm. It's hard to keep any interest in the customization after that. The "pimping" of the cars visuals are pretty lame too... think NFS Undercover. Nowhere near as in depth as Carbon or Underground 2 (still my fave). Plus there's no free roaming... its just track, after track, after track, after track, after track.... just like all the other racing games. NFS was always different because you had a plot and a story to follow and you could aimlessly just drive around in your hyper cars. It should get 2 stars for being a bog standard, everyday, seen it all before, nothing special household racing game... but gets and extra star for the graphics. Got bored after the 1st day.

  2.  Four Stars... One Reason


    Well, we all know how great the show is, how perfectly cast it was and how addictive it can be, and one hell of an idea for a tv show. However in the DVD, there are no extras... but what will really bake your noodle is the continuity errors. At the end of season 1 Sam leaped into the body of a woman in the bath, but that isnt the first episode in season2, in fact it turns up a few episodes later.

    There's also the episode where Sam leaps into the body of an old black guy sat in a whites only restaurant, this leap turns up at the end of 2 or 3 episodes for some reason, but nowhere in season 2 do we actually get to see the complete episode. Also Sam leaps into a guy who's just had sex with a girl in a haybarn, but we dont see that episode either. I have seen both of these episodes before when they were on TV, so why they are not in this boxset is beyond me. They are also not on the season 3 boxset either.

    So, apart from the continuity, and the fact that there seems to be 2 missing episodes so far, the show itself is flawless. Lets just hope that those 2 episodes will resurface on the season 4 or 5 boxsets.