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  1.  A Decent Film - Worth watching for yourself...


    I watched Flyboys last night and I must say I am amazed. I agree with the last viewer that it is under-rated, as I think the story line boosts the ratings significantly.

    I agree with another viewer however that this film is not completely factual, but it is definitely worth watching for those for those who aren't using the film for a history purpose.

    Its a decent film, and definitely worth watching for yourself. I have rated this film on 4 and not 5 star because the use of effects on this film aren't 'superb' and not too realistic compared to some other war films. However, don't let that put you off, it is a highly entertaining film.

  2.  Not bad at all


    To be honest a bit slow delivery,
    Good Product !!
    Bargain Price !!
    great buy and everyone should buy !!

  3.  Absolute Breathtaking!!


    This is an astonishing film!! Not large amounts of action however but the story line is strong...

    It is based on a story based around TRUE EVENTS where prisoners of war (American) meet together and are in enemy lines trying to escape. When a British man fell out of the sky nearby, and was rescued, the soldiers objective changed to a survival task to get the British man carrying secret intelligence to safety.

    The actors/actresses in this film are amazing as they all play a unique character which has something different about them and believe in different religious and morals.

    Trust me, this film is brilliant! It's worth your time and for £2.99 you cant argue. Thank you for reading. :)



    This is a truly gripping book, very exciting and in some parts pretty its horrifieing and makes you feel sympethetic.

    Its a book which explains a life of a homeless person called "Link" who has no support and he is in dangerous London, with noone... to help him... to care for him... or love him.

    Like I said a truly gripping book so if you're considering buy it then please do cause you won't regret it.

    I must admite though the ending downgrades the book as its a rather sudden unexpected ending

    If your looking for a thrill buy it...
    If your looking for a happy ending dont bother buying it...