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  1.  Laura Vandervoort Rocks!!!


    This is by far the best season of smallville it has everything from action, a good story line and Laura Vandervoort is in it, she steals the show as Kara, Clark's krytonian cousin not only does she kick butt but she is also very hot and has a great character and attitude.
    Season 8 would have been alot better if Laura Vandervoort had been a regular throughout the series.
    All in all this is a great season of smallville if your a smallville fan you definantly need to see this.

  2.  Excellent!


    This is yet another great Gary Moore album everything this guy touches turns to gold, this album is a little heavier than some of his other stuff, but still a great album from the irish legend Gary Moore.

  3.  A True Materpiece


    This is one of Thin Lizzy's best albums it has great unforgettable songs like 'Black Rose' and 'Got To Give It Up', this is the only Thin Lizzy album to have Gary Moore playing guitar on every track, which is what probally makes it such a masterpiece. This album has slow songs like 'sarah' and fast songs like 'Get Out Of Here' so it has a bit of every thing, you couldn't go wrong when Phil Lynott and Gary Moore played together and this is proof.

  4.  Gary Moore Rocks


    This is a very good album by the rock legend Gary Moore, this album is much more rock influenced than his blues work and has lots a Irish heritage within the music especially when you listen to gary moore's guitar playing you cant help but to think of Ireland, this guy rocks. Well worth a buy.

  5.  Quality stuff


    This is one of the finest albums i've heard in ages definantly the best album of 2007, this band are going to be big and by listening to this album you can tell why, so if you like bands like arctic monkeys, the wombats and the kooks this album is for you.

  6.  There can be only one


    Highlander is one of the most underated films ever as it is one of the best. Highlander is about connor macleod originally from the Scottish highlands now in present day New York, but when his killed in battle in 1536 and then reawakes, his town outlaw him and he gets a visit from sean connery telling him he is immortal, and destined to live forever. The immortals duel throughout the ages until only one remains, they can only be killed by being decapitated to release their almighty power. If you don't have this buy it, as it is truly a genius film.

  7.  Quality Stuff


    This is one of the best albums of all time not one bad song this is by far the clash at their peek. some songs on the album like Revolution rock are very diffrent as this song as a sort of regge feel to it, if you're considering buying a clash album and haven't got any this is the one to buy. LONG LIVE JOE STRUMMER!

  8.  Top Class


    Us british make bloody good movies because this is a masterpiece in its own rights. Shaun Of The Dead will have you in stiches most of the time; but you've got to remember that it's a black comedy so it isn't always funny. most people think the ending Ruinings the film but it makes it even original and better.

  9.  Just as good as the first


    Series two of this hilarious programe is just as good as the first, again with just Lister, Rimmer, Holly and Cat but the first episode of this series has an apperance of the robot Kryten later to become a main character of the show. Kryten is played by David Ross but in Series three Robert Llewellyn takes on the role and is a much better Kryten.

  10.  The start of something great.


    This series is the beginning of the great sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf one of the best and funniest comedys of all time. This series start off with just Lister, Rimmer, Holly and Cat; it's not the best series but it's just laying the tracks for the rest of the series', it is a must have for anyone as are the other ones.