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  1.  Punk Rock At It's Best...


    This is effectively a Green Day greatest hits Album, It provides the perfect start for anyone who wants to get into Green Day as this is a collection of their best songs to date. This album was released Pre American Idiot so don't expect to find and of that on there, and i think it carries a much lighter tone; these are songs about masturbation rather then political songs. Personally, I Wouldn't Buy this album If you own all of Green Day's old material, cos you would already have all the songs. Overall I love it and it is probably one of the most played cds in my collection... It would be rude not to buy it...

  2.  Jagshemash!


    This film had me in stitches the first time i saw it at the cinema and i was like yep, deffo on the "must buy list" but after rinsing the dvd for all its worth i kinda get the feeling that it has lost appeal time over time, having said that its a wicked film to watch with your mates, especially if they havent seen it... the first half is simply fantastic and the ending was quality, but there is a patch in the middle where it goes a bit stale. i would definately recomend it for a first time viewer though....

    Please, you see....


  3.  It's Alright, Nothing Special Though...


    I Thouroughly enjoyed the remake of the first hills have eyes so when i heard this one was out i was straight down the cinema.
    So there i was sitting in the cinema and i cant help noticing how similar the narrative (plot line) is between this and THHE1. There are a couple of good scenes in the film though, and i enjoyed the way these mutant people have almost evolved from the first group we met.
    I think what lets the film down is that the "victims" of the mutants have guns, which kinda ruins the whole spontaneous and inventive death stuff which was awesome during the first film. And i'll be honest the actors didnt portray very convincing soldiers either. If you loved the first one then prepared to be a little disappointed with this sequel, it had potential but it dint deliver the whole way through...

  4.  Simply Mesmerising!


    This film is awesome, when i first saw it advertised i was like oh great, its going to be a rip-off version of the prestige but it wasnt, This was a great film and i feel this is due to the talent used, they werent A-List actors at the time (though it would seem Jessica Biel Is well on her way to becoming one) and for me i feel this helped sell the story, your not there for one person, its the narrative which counts. It misses out on the final star because at one point it feels like it drags on but when you reach the "finale" its well worth the wait. trust me, you wont be dissapointed.

  5.  Almost Like A Downhill Stroll


    Probably best know for their hit "Sugar We're Going Down" Fall out boy stay true to their emo style with From Under The Cork Tree, It starts off Really Good with a few rather catchy songs and some cracking lines ("i'm just A notch on your bedpost, But You're Just a line in a song") But by the time You reach track ten you kinda become bored of the same old stuff and i find it hard to take them seriously when they have a brief screaming session, its like guys your not a metal band so don't try to be... and at the end of Track 12 where they have an emo rant on "why put a new address on the same old lonlyness" and "talking is a waste of breath and living is a waste of death" So to be honest its almost like they've slit their wrists while on a high....

    This album is definately worth buying for the first half alone but after a while you might get sick of the repetitive themes that run through all the songs

  6.  This is also Wii Compatable!!!


    This product is probably the easyest way to connect your Nintendo console to the internet. It is Compatable with the NINTENDO WII along with DS so you can take full advantage of the internet on your console. With the nintendo ds, it allows users to play against other users with the same game through the internet. To do this you need to have a Wi-Fi compatable game, these include mario kart along with others. This is also compatable with the nintendo wii, letting you take advantage of all the features the wii has online, such as purchasing games o download, or by linking you wii to your friends wii etc. Its all great stuff and i would recomend this if your looking for an easy way to set up either console for internet gaming...

  7.  It's Beautiful, Its True


    This is a top notch album which appeals to all, Everyone in the western world pretty much knows who james blunt is and the general conception is you either love him or hate him. As you'd probably expect, its hardly the most up tempo album released, so not really suitable for having a rave to but its perfect to listen to say on the bus home or when you just want to chill out. The best four songs on the album have already been released as singles so your probably aware of them (High, you're Beautiful, Wisemen and Goodbye My Lover) though there are still more gems to be had such as Billy and the heart stopping No Bravery. If your reading this then you really should be asking yourself why the hell you dont already own this album...

  8.  There's No Combination Of Words....


    Unknown to somepeople, This is Actually Jack Johnsons third album, and by far the most commercial, and it is understandable why it has become so popular. Full of feel good summer tunes it brightens up even the darkest of days. 2 of Jack's Biggest hits are included on this album, "Better Together" and "Good People" This is a great CD to have on in the car or on at a party. Some people say it all sounds the same, but in my opinion it is all sounds the same because it all sounds great! I would highly recomend adding this to your cd collection..

  9.  Hey! Hey! You! You! I Could Be Your Boyfriend!


    Love the song girfriend which everyone is familiar with but if im honest the rest of the album is a bit of a let down it sounds all pretty much the same and yet not half as catchy at girlfiend. This isnt Avrils Best album of that im sure. This time round either she has grown out of being preppy or shes trying to hard to be commercial.. i cant quite work out which... Still, i wouldnt mind her as my girlfriend tho :p

  10.  Tell You 'Bout It!


    Introducing is a sensationally good album, just people seem to have given up on miss stone as a person which in my opinion is completely unjust. Joss speaks with a slight american accent (i mean what do you expect when shes practically been living there for the last five years) so no one buys hers over here in the UK, wheras Michael Jackson molests children (allegedly) but people still go out and buy his cds! What is the world coming to??? The album is full of top notch songs and really defines joss as an artist to be reckoned with, its just people seem to have a problem with her as a person and therefore this Fantastic album has gone un-noticed...