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  1.  I could even sing along to some tracks


    I bought this just before Bens appearance on The Brits for 4.59, now it a tenner good move me. On first playing it right through I was a bit disappointed towards the end of the CD as it slowed down and became a bit morbid the faster tracks are the better ones. So i played it in the car, which broke it up as I get in and out a lot. Guess what It grew on me. There is a little too much fret noise on some tracks which does distract from the music (listen to me the great music expert!) but overall well worth the money. Very melodic and I could even sing along to some tracks.

  2.  just a pleasant read.


    I heard about this book on a radio programme and it sounded OK. I found it very enjoyable, apparently it is a compilation of short stories from an old American news paper so it can be a bit disjointed, but if you read it a chapter at a time it rolls along nicely. Aunty Mame sounds alternately like a nightmare and the best aunt on earth. There are no big revelations or twisted plots, just a pleasant read.

  3. Room



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     there really are people like that out there.


    unknown to me my daughter was reading this book at the same time so when i tried to give it to her she said she already had it and how good is it. it begins in a funny place and can be a bit confusing at first, but stay with it as it all comes together in the end. there were several times i almost had a tear in my eye and you wonder at how cruel some people are and how they twist things to their own point of view, especially when you realise there really are people like that out there.

  4.  You will be disappointed


    Whew, am I glad to have finished this series. The first book was interesting, the second OK and the third just a repeat of the first two but in different places. The whole series left me with a feeling of why did he do it and why are all those men just following him? How futile is war and why should one person have so much power over others and so much wealth. If he wants to conquer the world get on with it but leave us alone. Technically the book repeats itself a lot, giving lists of names over and over again. The battle scenes are poorly described, they just start and finish. There is no sense of the passage of time. If a causeway is needed or some siege machines, they just get made, simple. Do not buy this book expecting any great insight into Alexander or the period, because you will be disappointed.

  5.  A bit too uinrealistic


    What a big book! I enjoyed reading it, but never really understood what was going on. I know the story is fiction and is typical King style, but I felt there was a whole back story that should have been told. I found the end disappointing, what was the meaning or reason for it all? Overall, a bit too unrealistic.

  6.  It will make a present for someone


    I was mislead by the hype and the other reviews. The book is OK, but only OK. Do not buy it expecting to be blown away or have the meaning of life revealed to you. The style of writing was different, but the characters never quite made it into my imagination, I could not feel for them. It was that forgettable, that i fell for the same hype, forgot i had already read the book and bought it again. Never mind, it will make a present for someone.

  7.  it sound true to me


    Not quite as blown away as the other reviewers seem to be, but still a cracking album. This is not my usual taste in music, but if you do not try, you never learn. I even found myself singing along out loud in my car to some of the tracks, i like the one about beer, it sounds true to me.

  8.  it aint bad


    I had never heard anything by these boys before, but they were mentioned in the same bracket as I am Kloot and I like them, so I thought give them a go. First listen through, what a load of rubbish. Put it to one side and tried to forget about it. Luckily, one day I had nothing else in my cay so i gave it another go. Surprise! It gets better the more you play it. Still not one of my favourites, but it aint bad.

  9.  A nice bit of kit


    Unlike the previous review, I liked the size. I use the clock at my bedside, so the small size is good. The display at night is big enough and bright enough for me to see clearly even with my poor eye sight. I can not see a use for the date function as i have not yet managed to find out how to display it, but I purchased the clock as a night-time, time piece and it does that well. I use a radio alarm so can not comment on the alarm function. Basically, it does what it says it does. A nice bit of kit.

  10.  Try, it you might like it


    I had not even heard of I Am Kloot before I heard a track on the radio and thought it sounded good. So i checked out the reviews and they sounded OK too. There is nothing too heavy and the music just bowls along at a steady pace. I played it to my wife and 22 year old son and they both enjoyed it, so there is wide appeal. I have just ordered their latest offering and am looking forward to it.