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  1.  Absolutely fantastic


    Absolutely brilliant, i'm no Audiophile, but i do love my music and the quality of it.

    Had this bought for me for a birthday present and couldnt have chosen a better one myself for the price.
    I use this connected to my PS3 to play games and watch blu-rays mainly, but have also tested a DVD in the unit itself and here are my findings.

    Gaming: Gran Turismo 5 is a must have game for this, you really appreciate the positioning of the cars with the 5.1 surround all around you, you know where to block them, and to hear a Ferrari's acceleration through them is sensational! Also good for the Call of Duty series, always nice to know when the sneaky enemy is creeping behind you!

    Blu Rays: More of the same, sound quality is superb. And makes you realise why you would sit back and accept watching a film without surround sound.

    DVD (through supplied DVD player): Excellent, tested this with Band of Brothers. Plenty of explosions (the subwoofer passes with flying colours) and you can hear the bullets whirring around you, something that adds excitement to this excellent series.

    Now for connections.. I have my 37" Samsung LCD connect to my PS3 via HDMI cable, then the sound from my playstation is output into the back of the DVD player via Optical Cable. (I never found a helpful enough review on how these were connected, but it really is that simple! then go to PS3 sound settings/audio output/Optical Cable/Dolby 5.1 and you're done)
    When connecting through tv, i connected through HDMI into the HDMI out port at the back of the DVD unit. Go through the settings to find it, but if you're using it with a Samsung TV, use Anynet+ to automatically find the surround sound system and you're good to go!

    I also use this to play music from iPhone and MacBook Pro using the auxilliary function. Standard Jack (for headphone socket) to RCA (Red+White cables) does the trick here! Great sound quality, great bass courtesy of Sub Woofer.

    Fully Recommended, especially at that price.

    Only point which may confuse people, when using through optical cable, go to function 'D, in', now wait about 7 seconds for the sound! it confused me when no sound was coming out and that is why, there is a slight delay!

    Hope this review helped..

    Now enjoy!

  2.  Fantastic, a must buy.


    If you have any doubt in your mind whether or not to buy, let me persuade you.

    You start with Grenade, fantastic song, fantastic lyrics.

    Just the way you are. Tell's it how it is, the only problem is, you won't look good infront of your girlfriend while this is playing in the car.. Bruno tops you everytime with the lyrics!!!

    skip past 'our first time' if your mum is with you, can be a bit awkward!!! very suggestive lyrics..

    Runaway baby is brilliant, my personal favourite. Such an energetic song to portray Bruno's vocal talent.

    The lazy song is a fun little tune, basically tells you what you should be doing on a lazy saturday!

    skip to talking to the moon, simply amazing. just amazing.

    Liquor store blues, with damian marley is fantastic,

    the other side, somewhere in brooklyn and talking to the moon acoustic top this album off.

    Only downside is CD case was cracked at the front and on the top joint, i simply replaced top cover with an old CD!!
    although i think this was Royal Mails fault due to slight damage to packaging...

    Please buy and Enjoy!!!

  3.  Great Jacket


    Love the design of this, the Blazer/Jacket/Hoody thing really works and its a really nice design.

    Only down side as others have touched upon is size,

    Being a 36-38" chest i decided to go for a Medium due to reviews on play and other sites.

    The fit is okay, could do with being a touch tighter but doesnt look too big or stupid at all.

    Great product,

  4.  Great Product


    Another fantastic Atticus Product,

    I am a 36-38" chest and the Medium is a perfect fit.
    A great looking shirt,

    The very small squares on the shirt look great and for 9.99 its an absolute steal.

  5.  Absolutely Phenominal.


    There are no better words to describe this cd/dvd.

    Absolutely fantastic and you won't be able to stop watching this/listening to this if you love pendulum.

    After seeing their set at glastonbury on tv i decided to get straight onto play and see if they have a dvd out,,
    Best £10.99 i've ever spent!

    A must buy, don't even think twice :)


  6.  Great Fit for iPod 2nd Gen apart from one thing!


    Brilliant fit to keep my 2nd Gen iPod Touch secure and safe from damage. Keeps the back all shiny too which is always a plus!

    The only real downside is that the silicone fits a little bit over the screen so typing with it on can be quite a task when wanting to press 'space', 'p', 'backspace', 'return;, ;.?123' and 'Q'
    This may just be my fingers not being the perfect fit for the small iPod keyboard but i thought i should let you guys know anyways :)

    Apart from this i would happily reward it 5*****

    Happy Buying!

  7.  Perfect shirt..


    I found this shirt a perfectly fitted fit.

    I expected it to be a fitted, muscle fit tee due to the picture and i was not let down.. A perfect size after i followed play.com's guidelines and chose a small.. Took 4 days to deliver (the longest ive ever waited for play.com) but thats still not at all bad :d :]

    Looks the same as (if not better than) the picture and i will definately purchase a tshirt from play.com again :)

  8.  Brilliant.. A must for any true avenged fan


    Unbelievable DVD..

    great sound.. shot in HD and 5.1 surround sound.. a brilliant purchase and the extras are brilliant..

    This is a must have DVD for any Avenged Sevenfold fan as i have said in the title and i recieved it today (4 days after i bought it.. not too bad, but have had much better) and have watched it through 3 times already and cant see myself getting bored anytime soon..

    Great :D

    Syn owns!