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  1.  Great Game


    We never get tired of playing this game, You can go for weeks without playing it and then you will pick it up and start again. Its great fun in multi player mode. We will definately still be playing this in years to come, and theres not alot of games you can say that about. Must just say my niece abby who is 3yrs old thrashes all us adults at bowling.

  2.  Arm Ache


    My arms have never ached so much playing a wii game, my daughter,my 2 nephews and I play this when we get together and its just so much fun, its all out competition, as we all try to beat each other doing all the sports, its so funny watching everyones arms flying through the air. Oh your arms in the morning tho!! I would highly recommend this game for all ages.

  3.  Must have Wii title


    The game is great, you can really lose time playing this. I never get to play on my own for long though, once I start playing its one of those games that everyone wants a turn. There are lots of different puzzles and its very satisfying when you work them out. I would recommend this game for all ages.

  4.  Love it


    This game is great fun, and really captures the indy humour, cant fault it. Ive had hours of enjoyment and still not completed it all. I would highly recommend this game for all ages.

  5.  Save Your Money


    Dont buy this game its awful. It takes far too long to start racing and its just not exciting enough. I have tried using just the wii remote and also with the balance board, but it doesnt make any diffrence, its definately not a pick up and play game, there are just too many diffrent controls to learn, including lots of different ways to use the whip etc. I Love horses and the little video you can watch on play.com make it look like really good fun but its not.

  6.  Not Good!


    I received this as a birthday present. Im glad i didnt buy it, even the person who bought it for me apologised as she had only read the songs on the first cd. I really enjoy my music, but i could only find 20 songs out of the 101 to put on my ipod. Read all the song lists on the 5 cds carefully before you buy.

  7.  Worst Nokia Phone I have ever owned


    I bought this phone in Jan 08, and have had nothing but trouble with it. It constantly crashes, the battery life is terrible. Two weeks ago the touch pad at the bottom of the silder failed and i can do nothing with it. I am so dissapointed, I always buy Nokia phones because I really like them. This one however is a waste of money. I would suggest you read other reviews of this phone wherever you can find them on the net, and you will see lots of people have had trouble.

  8.  Great Protection


    A little time patience and care and you will have this fitted quite easily. I cant fault the product, it looks great, feels great, and does its job perfectly. I would Highly recommend this product to anyone.

  9.  Yawn! this is so Boring


    I bought this game thinking it would be a great blast from the past, and because i had seen some great looking screen shots of the updated game. The Classic game is fine, but the updated one is terrible its just Soooooo Boring, you just whizz round in what fels like circles shooting space invaders, its just too easy and there seems to be no point to it! You would have more fun setting fire to your money and watching it burn.